Our community moves together to stay physically and mentally active. Read more about what the GetSetUp community is doing to stay physically active and healthy! 

Ellen Jaffe Jones aims for the podium at this year’s senior games!
Ellen Jaffe Jones aims for the podium!

Our first sponsored athlete, Ellen, will be running at the Senior Games on May 10-23. Join us to follow her journey. And attend her upcoming Guest Speaker sessions.

Trekking with Usha Soman
Trekking with Usha Soman

At 60, Usha decided her new life was just beginning. Now at 82 years young, she has countless marathons and treks under her belt.

“It was my mentality as a runner, my quirky thinking, how do I make this into some type of race. So I split up my chemo into a marathon calendar, dividing my treatment days by 26.1."
"I say take it one step at a time"

Rob, 69, has raced in 13 marathons and has his eyes set on number 14, his first race back after recovering from a 2020 diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Stay active this January with GetSetUp
Stay active this January with GetSetUp

There’s no better time than the new year to get started with healthy new habits. Our Fitness Series enables you to develop fitness-focused goals.

Exercise your body and mind
Exercise your body and mind

The holidays are just around the corner. Whether you need to de-stress from the hubbub of planning and festivities, are participating in the New Year Fitness Countdown, o

"Today I live in the present. It is the only thing I have."
"Today I live in the present."

Omar Escobar on living in the present and enjoying the little big things that make life something special.

“You don’t stop playing when you get old, you get old when you  stop playing.”
“You don’t stop playing when you get old"

An avid biker, golfer, and bowler, 99-year-old Jesse Kehres is a treasured member of Madison’s Sports for Active Seniors Club.

Guest Speaker: Being healthy (enough) over 50 with Amy Van Liew
Guest Speaker: Being healthy (enough) over 50

After an unexpected offer of early retirement, Guest Speaker Amy Van Liew followed her passion for fitness to find a new career after 50.

Join GetSetUp’s Fitness Countdown Challenge to the New Year
Join GetSetUp’s Fitness Countdown

Join GetSetUp’s 5-week fitness countdown to the new year. Get a headstart on your resolutions and follow a well-balanced fitness plan leading into 2022.

 "Golf is a game you can play forever, I think, and it keeps you healthy, strong, and lets you be with people."
"Golf is a game you can play forever, I thin

89-year-old Terry Tighe doesn't let age hold him back. He's on the golf course six days a week, and he carries his own clubs.

Understanding the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) And How They Impact Aging
Understanding the Social Determinants of....

The social determinants of health can account for up to 55% of healthy aging factors. It's time for individuals and health organizations to start to address these factors

My Roads Not Taken
My Roads Not Taken

Learn how David Frost used healthy habits and routines to create positive change in his life and help mitigate chronic pain.

Take the GetSetUp Active Aging Challenge
Take the GetSetUp Active Aging Challenge

For this Active Aging Week celebrate aging and the benefits of active living at any age with fellow active agers on GetSetUp.

Decreasing your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia starts with brain health
Decreasing your risk for Alzheimer’s...

Learn ways to decrease your risk for Alzheimer's and dementia starting today and how new research is looking to use technology to help!

Cardiac rehab can help extend your life
Cardiac rehab can help extend your life

Digital solutions can help bring heart health and rehab to the comfort of your home. Learn from Dr. Patrick Dunn how digital heart rehabilitation can help!