Team Updates

The GetSetUp team works hard to learn and bring new learning opportunities to our GetSetUp community. Read more about what the GetSetUp team is doing to improve and bring greater benefits to our community. 

Spotlight on Guide Vicki: Transitioning into a new career in a meaningful way
Spotlight on Guide Vicki

“If you are looking to connect with others then you will find it all on GetSetUp. Plus it’s a community where you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes or get stuck. T

The story of GetSetUp: A race to empower and connect older adults
The Story of GetSetUp: A Race to...

Our company values each generations’ resources and wealth of knowledge to create a live engaging and fulfilling space for older adults where they feel heard and have...

Spotlight on Guide Russ: Get out and tell your story
Spotlight on Guide: Russ

“I think that 55 on is the age you should be sharing wisdom. That’s why I like working with GetSetUp to help guide other older adults on their inner movement and outer...

Spotlight on Guide: Scott Sleek
Spotlight on Guide: Scott Sleek

"I have always tried to stick to work that I felt had a good purpose and provides some kind of benefit to people.

Find your Guide: Spotlight On Bob
Find Your Guide: Spotlight On Bob

“I want Learners to know that I’m a Learner too and looking to expand my knowledge. I appreciate it when Learners offer tips as they help my classes improve. Every...

Find your Guide: Spotlight on Deb
Find Your Guide: Spotlight on Deb

Deb is excited that GetSetUp is becoming a hub for seniors who share her love of learning about any number of different topics. She likes that she is walking life’s path

Spotlight on Guide Wade: Using humor to make classes enjoyable
Find your Guide: Spotlight on Wade

Wade loves learner interaction in GetSetUp classes, "Interacting with the people is the part I like best because I can see they are getting something out of it. They are

The Future of Education with Michael Horn: Helping older adults learn online socially
The Future of Education with Michael Horn...

Learning is an essential part of health, happiness, and well-being. It should happen throughout life, but often schools focus learning predominately on the youth.

Norman’s Story: from Learner to Customer Success Manager
Norman’s Story: from Learner to Customer ...

Norman went from Learner to GetSetup Customer Success Manager. He thinks GetSetup’s model helps older adults learn, teach, and share knowledge.

If you can't help everybody — start with somebody
Start with somebody..

The older demographic is projected to be 25% of the overall US population in the next 20+ years. Yet almost every business we studied was failing to recognize the...

GetSetUp Signs AARP Employer Pledge recognizing the value of experienced workers
GetSetUp Signs AARP Employer Pledge...

GetSetup signed AARP’s employer pledge recognizing the value of experienced workers and committing to an age-diverse workforce.

Judy from Guide to Academy Lead
Judy from Guide to Academy Lead

Her biggest mission now is to ensure Guide quality and that GetSetUp is delivering great learning experiences for their clients. She works on building, mentoring, and...

Teacher Appreciation Week — Spotlight on Glenda
Teacher Appreciation Week — Spotlight on...

Glenda loves working at GetSetUp for many reasons an opportunity to use her technology skills, learning a new tool, and that the customer at the end of the 60 minutes...

Teacher Appreciation Week - Spotlight on Judy
Teacher Appreciation Week - Spotlight on Judy

Instructor-led education is different from static-led education with individualized instructors you can talk and have that one-on-one coaching and support.

Teacher Appreciation Week — Spotlight on Wade
Teacher Appreciation Week — Spotlight on Wade

I wanted something I found interesting, rewarding, and challenging. At this age, it’s more about the mission than the money. I liked the mission about helping others...