Aging In Place

Our community comes together to share their stories, advice, and insights for aging in place. Read more about what the GetSetUp community is doing to age in place while staying connected in a safe and healthy manner! 

Connecting through Care - Caregivers Month and on GetSetUp
Connecting through Care - Caregivers Month an

Celebrate Caregivers month with GetSetUp and to ensure that caregivers get the appreciation and support they deserve!

Learn about the Future of Aging with Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging Representatives
Learn about the Future of Aging....

Aging has changed over the decades. It is continuing to change and will continue to evolve. The Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging focuses on research, ...

How to decide between Medicare and Medicare Advantage?
How to decide between Medicare and Medicare..

Deciding between Medicare and Medicare Advantage does not have a one size fits all kind of answer. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions.

Steve Gurney makes positive aging a lifetime factor from college on
Steve Gurney and positive aging

Steve firmly believes that aging should be an intergenerational experience. He helped to co-found an intergenerational village that helps to foster an ideal community....

Financial planning for retirement
Financial planning for retirement

Retirement is a period of notable transition involving various changes and adapting to new situations. Managing and keeping track of your finances is vital during ...

How to downsize by selling things online
How to downsize by selling things online

Learn the simple steps to selling things online so you can downsize easily and make some money doing it!

How to live a comfortable and stress-free retirement
How to live a stress-free retirement

How are you managing your retirement? Learn three tips for living comfortably and street-free in retirement.

Decreasing your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia starts with brain health
Decreasing your risk for Alzheimer’s...

Learn ways to decrease your risk for Alzheimer's and dementia starting today and how new research is looking to use technology to help!

Planning  for the “what-ifs” in retirement with Sara Finkelstein
Planning for the “What-Ifs” in retirement...

Understand why planning for the unexpected in retirement including long term care is important

Tips for caring for your skin this summer
Tips for Caring for Your Skin this Summer

Pamper yourself with one or more of these tips for caring for mature skin this summer.

Your smartphone could save your life
Letting Others Know Your Emergency Info...

Learn how to use your smartphone to alert both 911 and emergency contacts with your location and provide vital medical information to those coming to your aid!

Grow happier and gain purpose through volunteering
Grow Happier And Gain Purpose Through...

As we get older and retire and have a bit more time on our hands, many turn toward volunteering. Research shows that the happiest older adults were those who volunteer.

Recognizing the signs of elder abuse
Recognizing The Signs Of Elder Abuse

Education is critical to preventing elder abuse. Older adults, family, friends, professionals, caregivers, and the public need to know the signs and what to do if they...

5 Reasons to make your home a smart home
5 Reasons to make your home a smart home

Smart home devices, apps, and tools can help aging adults save money, stay safe, and have more peace of mind. Not only can they provide added security and reminders, but

5 Ways to build a business around your passion
5 Ways to Build Your Business Passions...

Celebrate Older American’s Month with a focus on your mental health and highlighting the strengths you bring to your community. Join classes and share with the GetSetUp l

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