Become A GetSetUp Creator

Join us as we build the largest learning community to empower older adults! 

GetSetUp offers many ways for community members to share their ideas, passions, and expertise.

You can showcase your skills or talents in front of our community or host a virtual gathering. Fill-out the form below and our Community Manager will reach out to you to get you set up.

Share your Knowledge

Ambassador Becky led the Growing Through Grief Interest Group.

How To Participate

You can pick from one or more of these powerful ways to help positively impact the GetSetUp community.

Ambassador Mary interviews with NBC 7 talking about her experience with GetSetUp.

What is the Ambassador program?

GetSetUp Ambassadors are the heart and soul of the GetSetUp Community

Ambassadors are really passionate about learning and helping to foster and grow our community. They are hosting interest groups, helping share their stories, and assuring our amazing community continues to grow and thrive! They foster good relationships, goodwill, and a welcoming environment for all learners.

Who is eligible?

Any member of our community is eligible who is passionate about GetSetUp and wants to do one or more additional outreach activities.

 Barbara continues learning and researching during her retirement in an empowering community
Barbara continues learning in retirement

Barbara continues learning and researching during her retirement in an empowering community.

Pam is pursuing her passions and sharing her skills with others virtually
Pam is pursuing her passions

Pam loves the opportunity to explore her interest in cooking, photography, and art. And she shares her love of art with others virtually.

From the motorways to the GetSetUp days
From the motorways to the GetSetUp days

At 68, Patsy is anything but bored. She paints , plays the guitar, sings in several bands, performs with the Sassy Seniors, and rides her motorcycles.

Laughter is the best medicine for the blues!
Laughter is the best medicine for the blues!

There is truth to the age-old wisdom that laughter is the best medicine. How can you get more laughter in your life? Take a Laughter Yoga Class!

Why join the Ambassador Program?

This is a great opportunity to volunteer to share your skills with the GetSetUp community and your local or national community.

Program Benefits

  • Attend Ambassador Social Hours to learn the latest news about GetSetUp, have fun and meet other ambassadors around the country.
  • Enjoy GetSetUp freebies like t-shirts and hats.
  • Have direct contact with the GetSetUp team to provide suggestions and feedback on how to improve the Learner experience.
  • Host interest groups and share something you are passionate about from language to cooking tips in weekly or biweekly sessions.

Ambassador Marlene hosts the Meatless Recipes Interest Group.