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Travel to Sikkim with Guest Speaker Maninder Kohli
Travel to Sikkim with Maninder Kohli

Join Guest Speaker Maninder Kohli as he shares his experience from trekking in Sikkim. He'll give tips on where to go, what to pack, and how to plan your itinerary.

Roda K. 69: Knowledge is power
Roda K. on the power of knowledge

Roda K. reflects on lifelong learning, gratitude, and community.

Shobha Jayadev, 68: Finding meaning in retirement
Shobha finds meaning in retirement

Shobha finds meaning in retirement through singing, art, and community.

“There was some kind of inner voice that motivated me to continue my fitness journey.”
Living healthier emotionally and physically

Before taking GetSetUp fitness classes, Syhamsundar suffered from depression and medical problems. Soon after establishing an exercise routine, he saw improvement.

Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

We were delighted to host Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently on GetSetUp. You now have the opportunity to access the recipes from the class, rewatch the class, and see who won

Cooking with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on GetSetUp!
Don’t miss your chance to meet Chef Sanjeev

"Cooking with Sanjeev Kapoor" is coming to GetSetUp. He’ll show us one of his signature vegetarian recipes and share with us his top culinary tips and tricks.

70-year old breast cancer survivor spreads hope and positivity
70-year old breast cancer survivor spreads..

Learn how Manorama used positivity, God, and family support to help her recover from breast cancer.

Join GetSetUp’s Diwali Festival
Join GetSetUp’s Diwali Festival

Celebrate Diwali with the GetSetUp community in exciting classes focused on light, get-togethers, and gratitude!

Be a Survivor: Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer
Be a Survivor: Living Well Beyond Breast Canc

Ismat Gabula’s life took a major turn when she discovered that she has cancer. Hear her tips for beating breast cancer and helping those you love who may have it!

Financial planning for retirement
Financial planning for retirement

Retirement is a period of notable transition involving various changes and adapting to new situations. Managing and keeping track of your finances is vital during ...

GetSetUp announces partnership with Ashiana Housing to bring virtual health, lifelong learning, and entertainment platform for the senior community
GetSetUp announces partnership with Ashiana..

Senior residents of Ashiana Housing can learn about technology, online socializing, and health...

Spotlight on Deval Delivala GetSetUp's Senior Vice President of International Markets
Spotlight on Deval Delivala GetSetUp's Senior

GetSetUp is the fastest growing social learning and engagement platform for older adults and now has Deval Delivala as Senior Vice President of International Markets...

GetSetUp’s ongoing support for India during COVID-19 Surge
GetSetUp’s Ongoing Support For India During..

Together we will work tirelessly to assure that there are classes with supportive community members in them to help people deal with this difficult situation.

Spotlight on Guide Raju Gandha: Everyday is a learning experience
Spotlight on Guide: Raju Gandha

“This is a great platform very well thought out and executed to perfection. There is no limit you walk in and learn. And you just keep on learning.”

GetSetUp shares carols during the holidays
GetSetUp Shares Carols During The Holidays

GetSetUp helps older adults reach their full potential in a socially interactive online learning environment. For the holidays over 75 participants joined for carols and

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