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Our community comes together to share their tips and tricks for better business practices. Read more about what the GetSetUp community is learning to enhance their small business, develop entrepreneurship, or get their next job! 

Social media shop basics
Social media shop basics

Social media shops can be daunting for small businesses. Here we tackle some basic methods of social media photography while attracting organic traffic.

Sheela  no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology
Sheela learns new technology

Sheela has gone from a technology novice to exploring new technology on her own and applying it daily without needing to ask her kids or grandkids for help.

Senior Living Directors Can Keep the Activities Going When They Go Home
Senior Living Directors Keep Activities...

Senior Living Director Rachael Johnston leverages new tools and technology to create engaging opportunities. Learn how GetSetUp classes partnership with AgeGuide is helpi

Get creative for the holidays with GetSetUp
Get creative for the holidays

From DIY crafts to creating online invitations, we have the classes to get your creative juices flowing this holiday season.

Digital Medicine plays an important role in helping control hypertension
Digital Medicine can help you stay healthy

Digital medicine uses technologies such as hardware and software as tools for measurement and intervention in human health to support treatments, recovery, disease preven

The gray revolution: Fundraising within the older adult space
The gray revolution: Fundraising within the..

One of the best strategies for tech companies that want to serve the older adult market is to focus your value proposition on empowering older adults.

Update your digital skills
Update your digital skills

Learn 5 tips and tricks on how to keep up-to-date with technology as you age.

How to duet on TikTok  - Record your own video alongside someone else's
How To Duet On TikTok At Any Age

Learn how to create a duet TikTok video. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make a TikTok video. Then duet Guide Kristen's plank challenge to get started!

GetSetUp gets more secure!
GetSetUp Gets More Secure!

At GetSetUp, the safety and security of our community is one of our most important priorities. We are updating some of our systems and giving an updated look to GetSetUp.

5 Reasons to make your home a smart home
5 Reasons to make your home a smart home

Smart home devices, apps, and tools can help aging adults save money, stay safe, and have more peace of mind. Not only can they provide added security and reminders, but

Talk about tech with Mary in the session Talkin' About Tech
Talk About Tech with Mary in the session...

“There’s a lot of technology out there. Just because you can do something with technology doesn’t mean you should. We will talk about how to keep tech simple.”

Kathy Is Using Her Advanced iPhone Class Skills To Help A Friend Sell A Ticket On eBay
Kathy Is Using Her Advanced iPhone Class Skil

“With GetSetUp you learn useful things and something you can walk away and do.” Kathy took one of the skills she learned in a class and used it to help a friend sell...

Technology helps people stay at home longer
Technology Helps People Stay At Home, Longer

Have you considered what to do if you need to take over your parents’ affairs or organized for someone to help manage your affairs if life changes suddenly?

Learn about artificial intelligence with Guest Speaker Rowland Chen
Learn About Artificial Intelligence with...

GetSetUp event: Guest Speaker: Artificial Intelligence in your Life Today, Tomorrow lets learners walk away with more knowledge about AI, the ability to speak with...

Need help navigating the digital world?
Need Help Navigating the Digital World?

Empowerment through learning, no matter your age, is essential to maintaining positivity and creating more options for renewed engagement and connection in uncertain...