Sheela no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology

Liz Miller

Sheela  no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology

Sheela is a  Georgia resident. She’s 73 and still working. In her free time, she enjoys her grandchildren, dogs, and spending time with her husband. She credits her youthful nature to working with children in health care, as she believes they help keep her young!

Sheela heard about GetSetUp from fellow participants in a Senior Planet presentation. She was particularly interested in classes to learn more about technology.

“I had all these questions because I'm not very tech-savvy.”

Sheela started with computer basics that explained basic terminology and use. The course was designed especially for people just getting started with technology.

“It has opened a lot of doors for me. Now I can use this knowledge for all kinds of the regular stuff.”

From basic computer skills, she went on to learn how to upload pictures. Thanks to GetSetUp classes, she has a better understanding of technical jargon, and that’s helped her discover new ways of using technology in everyday life.

“Before GetSetUp I had to rely on my grandkids and kids. And it becomes a chore for them to tell grandma how to do basic stuff like Spotify.”

Many classes go beyond just teaching how to use apps and tech tools, and include looking at online security. Some classes focus entirely on scams and other fraud that all users should be aware of.

“It's very difficult to find a reliable source of information.”

Now that she feels she has a reliable source for information, she’s even learned how to navigate online banking. While her husband was already using online banking, she never had. She believes without classes she would never have used it, as she was hacked at the start of the pandemic. To gain confidence in using these tools, understanding privacy and security was paramount to her. Now she’s been using online banking for the past month and even knows how to make money transfers with Zelle.

“Now I have learned about security and other tech topics. I'm not saying I'm really good with tech but I feel I'm standing on steady.” 

Sheela is much more confident with tech tools now. Classes have helped her go from not feeling confident, to exploring new tools and using them regularly.

“I still have a ways to go. And I'm a slow learner, so I love that I can watch a class more than two or three times to comprehend all the information.”

Exploring beyond tech thanks to digital confidence 

Confident with the basics of technology, its vocabulary, and things like social media, she has started to pursue more interests. She’s enjoyed a number of classes on photography and emotional well-being.

“All the classes interest me because they have the technical aspect which is the most important for me. But they also have social and emotional aspects and I enjoy the crafts. It’s a very diverse platform with a large variety of classes that cater especially to elder people.”

Since she is still working she enjoys classes most on her days off and the weekends.

“It's a wonderful platform. I'm hooked on it! I just wish I could attend more classes."

While there are many platforms that Sheela can take classes on she's really embraced the GetSetUp community.

"GetSetUp runs classes very smoothly. I’ve explored some of AARP but for me, it’s not done as nicely, nor do they have the wide variety and I think GetSetUp is a notch better than Senior Planet.”

She has taken classes on travel, cooking, crafts, meditation, and poetry in addition to technology classes.

“The travel classes are nice since you can’t really travel now. I’ve seen places I can’t see and probably won’t get to see. When we get older we don’t know how mobile we will be, so it’s nice to see places I likely won’t get to see.”

Prior to meditating in classes on GetSetUp Sheela hated meditating and never wanted to attend. However, she’s really found that all classes can garnish interest with the right Guide. 

“The Guides are absolutely wonderful because there is no judgment. You can come on camera if you want and if you don't want it’s ok.” 

Plus Guides are inspiring her to try new things. After a few poetry sessions, she’s started to write some poetry of her own. In addition, classes on public speaking have given her more confidence when she speaks in front of others more formally.

“I think I've developed my skills on many fronts I find it difficult to isolate one.”

Plus through memory games classes and other social engagement, she has made friends. Her biggest issue right now is sometimes having more than one class she wants to attend at one time or not enough time to attend classes.

“I think GetSetUp has offering classes down to an art. When I fully retire, I plan to attend more classes and hope to continue to meet people and make friends my same age.”

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Sheela  no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology
Sheela  no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology
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Sheela  no longer relies on her kids and grandkids to learn new technology
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