Throughout July Spend Your Time With Community Having Fun

Aging in Place Jun 28, 2021
Hawk Haven Winery Dinner.
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Community Fun

July kicks off the summer in full swing for the Northern Hemisphere. That means a whole month focused on Community Fun. This seems perfect since it’s also National Anti-Boredom Month and National Culinary Arts Month, and we all know that nothing beats boredom like a delicious meal shared with friends. To get us started with the Community Fun vibe is the 4th of July holiday to celebrate the USA's Independence Day.

Enjoy learning some new dishes to share with your community.

Cooking With Deb
Cook with Deb
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Throughout July Spend Your Time With Community Having Fun

Just Arrived
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash

The month of July is a great time to celebrate fun with your community. As you begin to think about getting back out and about as pandemic restrictions are lifting, consider dropping in for the latest on travel or take a trip virtually with Russ as he explains new locations.

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Stretch your legs with long walks or getting back on your bike for long cycles. If you are considering getting a bike or starting some long-distance cycling trips be sure to check out our series on All Things Cycling.

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To make sure you aren’t bored for the start of national boredom month, we have put together a great list of ways to share time with your community for the long 4th of July holiday weekend.

Plus, be sure to check out our July 4th lineup!

Celebrate July 4th
July 4th Fun
Happy Independence Day! Join us as we celebrate July 4th with food, fun, and friends. From summer grilling tips, to celebration ideas, to themed games, we’ve got lots of ways to spend the holiday weekend!

Great Things To Do For The July 4th Holiday Weekend

  1. Have A Picnic - Take your favorite picnic food and a nice blanket and head out to a grassy spot to enjoy great conversation and delicious snacks with your community.
  2. Enjoy A Neighborhood BBQ - Put your favorite foods on the grill for that special summer feel. Share them with neighbors. Be sure to check out: Grilling Tips and Recipes special class to gain some ideas!
  3. Rest And Relax By The Pool - Enjoy some time soaking up the sun and then cool off with some refreshing laps in the pool. Don’t forget to bring sunblock to protect your skin!
  4. Watch Local Fireworks - Find out when and where your local fireworks will be hosted and head out early to get a good spot!
  5. Volunteer in the community - Share community with others by participating in local volunteer opportunities.
  6. Head To The Beach  - Pack your gear for the beach and consider what your next sandcastle design will be.  
  7. Enjoy sports with friends and family - Tune in to your favorite team playing sports or get out there and play a game with your community
  8. Enjoy Nature - Head to a nice local nature spot to commune with nature and enjoy bird watching, the refreshing smell of the forest, and take the opportunity to walk or hike and reflect with friends or family.
  9. Take a long walk - Put on some good walking shoes and call up a friend or walk over and surprise one with a hello. Nothing feels as good as letting your feet lead the way!
  10. Enjoy a bike ride to your favorite coffee shop - Put the pedal to the metal as you head out on your bike for a refreshing coffee or juice drink.

No matter how you are spending your long holiday weekend make sure you connect with your community and remember to have fun!


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