Rose Was Led To GetSetUp For A Purpose

Ambassadors Mar 26, 2021
Rose with some of her grandchildren. 

Rose doesn’t remember how she first heard about GetSetUp. As a newsaholic it could have been on the news or perhaps to one of the emails or advertising done by GetSetUp’s YMCA Florida partners or Elder Source.

“But I know when I did I went online to check GetSetUp out. I love what I found and I try to share it with other people who can take advantage too!”

Rose recently lost her husband so has been grateful for the GetSetUp Interest Group: Growing Through Grief and Interest Group: Widowhood - Discovering a New You. She has really loved the group about how you can grow through grief as it is helping her to process.

However, multiple other classes are getting her out there and laughing like Fall in Love With Improv Comedy! and Interest Group: Laugh & Reminisce.

Rose’s true passion though lies in music. She always wanted to be a jazz singer as a kid and now is considering taking up drums. But that musical passion shines through when she’s willing to miss The Bachelor (though she records it for later) to get her groove on at Social Hour: Dancing to the Music of the 1960s and 1970s.

“I’m a music person. I listen to everything. If there’s a group out there talking about music, I’ll throw my 2 cents in.”

As a military wife for much of her life, she moved around a lot. Rose and her family lived in Florida, New Mexico, and Nevada. Plus they got to enjoy two different times being stationed in the Netherlands.

“It was the most wonderful experience. Going was a bit of a nightmare but we got to live off the economy and make friends. I always say 'don’t be afraid to get out and get lost.' The Netherlands basically has 3 of every kind of person in the world its a lot of different cultures. It's just lovely”

Brought to the Platform For A Purpose

Rose's last picture with her husband Lorenzo.

Rose has found GetSetUp enlightening thus far and is enjoying where her journey on the site is leading her.

“I feel I’ve been brought here to this platform and I’m not sure why it is but I’ve been directed. I believe I’m on a journey that God is preparing me for.”

With all the changes going on in her life, a global pandemic, and a general shift in the fabric of how we all used to live - like most of us - Rose at times feels lost.

“People don’t always understand the power of their inner being. The way they think, the words on their tongue, and the thoughts in their mind can really change their path.”

That’s why Rose enjoys being around the empowerment and positivity fostered in the GetSetUp community.

“I don’t have a problem with challenging situations. Whatever it is I have to know when it’s in my power to change it and when it’s not and go with it. That’s just part of life’s lessons.”

Rose has got a lot of life lessons to continue to learn especially as she hopes to live to be a minimum of 100 years old.

“I feel like if I live to be 100. Oh my just imagine all the wonderful things I can share with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I can tell them the stories I’ve actually experienced. Things I’ve seen with my own eyes. That’s a whole other kind of story.”
Rose poses before a delicious meal! 

Stories based on real-life are always most entertaining when told by those who lived through them.

For those looking to enhance their storytelling classes like Everyone has a Story to Tell or Social Hour: Sharing Stories of Kindness can help give you a chance to learn new tips to good storytelling or share stories of kindness with others.

Rose plans to continue to share her stories as ‘a super grandma’ and is looking forward to volunteering with young children again.

“Young kids really need grandparents. Their parents are out there working hard to provide for them. They need grandparents to make sure they are staying on track and know they are loved.”

Since Rose is still socially distancing she hasn’t been volunteering in person. However, she’s been helping get people their vaccination who haven’t figured out how to register. The few times she has done it so far may have taken her two or three days to make the appointment, but they were successful.

“They were all eligible. They just didn’t have anyone to help them do it online.”

So Rose stepped up to make a difference and helped others by sharing the knowledge she knew with others, just like she does in our GetSetUp community.

No matter what you want to learn, there is something for you in one of the 175+ classes on GetSetUp. Plus GetSetUp doesn’t just have amazing classes, inspiring guides, a learning community, but also awesome support staff.

“Another thing I really like about GetSetUp is all of you who support the site and tech support. You are all so awesome about addressing our concerns. You guys are the bomb! You are quick to answer any questions even if we just mention it the team jumps on it. We get answers right away and rarely have to ask a second time. I think it is awesome the way you support the community!”

Join a community that is growing through the positive power of connection by uniting people from different backgrounds and countries to grow and share together.

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