Rose Brings Her Movie Discussions To GetSetUp Interest Groups

Ambassadors Jan 27, 2021

Rose is a huge fan of movies and has had regular movie dinners with friends for decades. This ongoing tradition of hers only stopped with the pandemic.

“I love movies. I have always loved them. If you ask me my favorite movie, I’ll ask you what genre, decade, and style because there are too many to choose from.”

Rose was looking for a way to fill the gap that her movie events had left with the pandemic when she learned about GetSetUp Interest Groups. These are social events led by a GetSetUp Ambassador that allow members to share their interests and knowledge.

Movies Come to GetSetUp Interest Groups

Inspired to bring the movie stars back into her life, Rose decided to host the Ambassador-led Interest Group on Going to the Movies.

Interest Group: Going to the Movies

In this social event, the group enjoys brief film clips and shares favorite movies with others so everyone can find something new to enjoy.

Their first theme focused on the hero’s journey, a classic storyline repeated in almost every movie. The Hero's Journey was popularized by Joseph Campbell and is the concept that the hero leaves home on an adventure, meets companions, defeats the enemy, and returns home changed somehow. This idea could apply to many movies from The Wizard of Oz to ET or Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings. Discussion in this session was lively!  One member even saw this theme in The Dirty Dozen.

Rose tries to come up with a theme to talk about for each session, but she hopes others will always bring insights to share.

“It’s great to see people with their video on and who want to talk about their favorite movies.”

Interaction helps Rose to know who she is talking to and connect better with other members of the group.

Her last event theme was on the classic romantic theme of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and finally, boy gets her back. In that session, Norman helped to share some movie clips Rose had prepared on this theme and came up with some of his own based on feedback during the call.

“I am particularly excited about the next event. I think it’s going to be a good one!”

During the next interest group, Rose plans to focus on Black History Month highlighting films and stars throughout the ages. She’s hoping to have lots of active participants ready to discuss their favorite stars and films to celebrate this theme.

GetSetUp News Is Spreading One Friend To Another

Rose prepares a meal based on some of the insights from Deb's cooking classes.

Rose first heard about GetSetUp through a local GetSetUp Ambassador Chris,

“She is one of the women who came to the movie and brunch I used to have before the pandemic. She’s also part of my local library reading discussion group. She suggested I try out GetSetUp classes.”

Since then Rose has participated in many different GetSetUp classes and social groups.

“I’m on all the time. I have done all of Deb’s classes. I especially like her cooking classes. I’m part of Marge’s Book Club and really like the travel-related groups. Today I’m going to listen to Donna’s talk about traveling to the Arctic.

Rose enjoys the social classes that involve playing games or doing fun things with others the most. One such social class she’s joined is the basic Spanish conversation group. While she is just a beginner, she realized that she wanted to learn after a fun trip with neighbors to Mexico about 3 years ago.

Images from Rose's Art Journal that she has been expanding on thanks to her GetSetUp Art Journaling class.
“I think GetSetUp is just marvelous. I’ve told so many people! For people who are not computer literate, there is even a number to call to get help. I wish there was a way to encourage more people to just join. Once they do they will love it!”

Hosting an interest group has been a great way to fill the movie gap in Rose’s routine and share her love of films with the GetSetUp community. Through the GetSetUp community, Rose has found a lot of great insights from other participants. Some future ideas on film topics include musicals, recent movies, and detective stories.

“When I was a little kid and I would go to a movie it was a door opening to the world. I just loved it. Once I was older and on my own, I could watch the same movie over and over again. Now I want to give that feeling to other people - to share that exhilaration.”

Some of Rose’s favorite films include The Wizard of Oz, King of Hearts, Random Harvest, The Thin Man, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Wild Target, Oliver, Top Hat, and Excalibur.

To learn more about why these films make a fan’s all-time favorite list come join the Movie Interest Group!

Interest Group: Going to the Movies

Join like minded individuals in a variety of shared interests.

Interest Group: Going to the Movies

Interest Group: Let's Talk About YouTube

Interest Group: Let's Speak Spanish

Interest Group: Law of Attraction

Interest Group: Travel Around the World

Interest Group: Gardening

Interest Group: Stay Fit & Trim and Lose Weight - Even During a Pandemic:

Interest Group: Plant-based Eating

Interest Group: Simply Delicious Meatless Recipes


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