There is no such thing as ‘just’ a teacher

Liz Miller

There is no such thing as ‘just’ a teacher

Teachers have never just fulfilled one role. Teachers tend to be multitasking geniuses — the modern-day renaissance men or women. They are who we entrust to have patience, empathy, and guide us and our children to knowledge. Stacy Bonino best summed up teachers many hats in her poem “I am a teacher.”

I AM A TEACHER (by — Stacy Bonino)

I am counselor and psychologist, to a problem-filled child,

I am a police officer that controls a child gone wild.

I am a travel agent scheduling our trips for the year,

I am a confidante that wipes a crying child’s tear.

I am a banker, collecting money for a ton of different things,

I am a librarian, showing adventure that a storybook brings.

I am a custodian that has to clean certain little messes,

I am a psychic that learns to know all that everybody only guesses.

I am a photographer, keeping pictures of a child’s yearly growth,

When mother and father are gone for the day, I become both.

I am a doctor that detects when a child is feeling sick,

I am a politician that must know the laws and recognize a trick.

I am a party planner, for holidays to celebrate with all,

I am a decorator of a room, filling every wall.

I am a news reporter, updating on our nation’s current events,

I am a detective, solving small mysteries and ending all suspense.

I am a clown and comedian that make the children laugh,

I am a dietician, assuring they have lunch or from mine, I give them half.

When we seem to stray from values, I became a preacher,

But I am proud to have to be these people because…..

I am proud to say that I am a teacher.

Teachers this year have had to add to that list even more (with little to no preparation). Hopefully, Stacey won’t mind me adding a few additional lines to her poem:

I am an IT consultant solving each students’ technical problems while online (attempting to teach).

I am a counselor lending an ear to hear of the struggles students (and even parents) face in isolation.

I am a volunteer attending extra training and events outside normal hours to help my students’ succeed.

I am a Youtuber and Vlogger creating content so it is available anytime anywhere.

I am an administrator keeping track in 1000x different places, what is going on, who are missing classes or assignments, and who to worry about and reach out to.

I am a yogi explaining ways to stay calm and attempting to ease fears with breathing and other stress-reducing techniques.

I am an analyst helping students to see fake news and conspiracy theories on their social media walls.

I am a student learning as quickly as possible the latest technology to link and sync classes.

I am a friend solving in live teaching time different student’s private chat problems and disputes.

But I am proud to be trying my best (despite all the things collapsing around the world) to help my students feel some semblance of normalcy.

Be sure that this week during teacher appreciation week you show teachers how much you care! They are struggling just as much as everyone else but helping to maintain the semblance of normalcy in the classroom as best as possible.

Send them a thank you note, a drawing, or special something so they truly feel appreciated.

GetSetUp knows the importance of teachers as our entire team is made up of teachers! And in appreciation, we have free live classes available to help ease teachers who are 50+ and struggling with digital tools to understand the following tools.

You can contact us to give a class to your teacher too if they have a specific tool they would like to learn!

Or if you are a school looking to give your teachers an educational gift for appreciation week contact us and we can help customize class bundles for your community.

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There is no such thing as ‘just’ a teacher
There is no such thing as ‘just’ a teacher
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There is no such thing as ‘just’ a teacher
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