Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Kristina Abernathy

Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

We were delighted to host celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor as he demonstrated how to make Vegetarian Tajine and Strawberry Crush Drink in a recent GetSetUp class. To watch the entire class, click on the button below.

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Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
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Recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Here are the delicious recipes he shared from his restaurant that you can make at home.

Vegetarian Tajine


  • Sliced onion 
  • Chopped garlic 
  • Diced pumpkin
  • Diced zucchini
  • Diced potato 
  • Diced sweet potatoes
  • Diced carrot 
  • Diced brinjal 
  • Diced cauliflower
  • Optional: seasonal vegetables. Make sure they are diced.
  • Sliced bell peppers 
  • Tomato puree/ Tomatoes crushed
  • Black olives
  • Boiled kabuli channa (chickpeas)
  • Couscous 
  • 1 Golden apricot cut into 4 slices 
  • Vegetable stock
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive/vegetable oil 
  • Salt to taste
  • Paprika 
  • Curry powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Cumin seeds
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  1. Heat the Tajine pot and add the olive oil. 
  2. Once slightly heated, saute the onions and garlic. Cook for a few minutes. 
  3. Once you can smell the aroma of the onion and garlic, add the diced vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrot). 
  4. Stir fry for 1 minute and move to adding vegetable stock to the pot. 
  5. Cover it with the lid. Let it cook for 10 minutes. 
  6. Add brinjal and boiled kabuli channa (chickpeas) to the pot. Mix and add the spices - curry powder, paprika, salt, pepper, turmeric powder, and cumin.
  7. Then add bell peppers, cauliflower, golden apricot, and zucchini to the mix. 
  8. Wait for the vegetables to get soft. It will take about 28 minutes. 
  9. Once the veggies are cooked, add the tomato puree in along with a few olives. 
  10. Let it cook for 10 minutes. 

In another pot: 

  1. Heat 2 cups of water with salt and add couscous to it.
  2. Cover it with the lid and let it cook for 15 mins or until soft.


Take the Tajine pot down from the stove and add the couscous around the cooked vegetables. Garnish with basil leaves or fresh parsley or fresh coriander and you are ready to serve! 

Strawberry Crush Drink


  • 1 lemon
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Pinch of Himalayan rock salt
  • Crushed Ice
  • Bottle of Plain Soda


  1. Remove the stems from the strawberries and crush them in a blender with a half-squeezed lemon. Sprinkle in some Himalayan rock salt and add a teaspoon of honey. 
  2. Add crushed ice along with a few leaves of mint, soda, and blend. Don’t blend entirely. You want to keep some of the crushed ice texture. 
  3. Take a plate and add rock salt to it. 
  4. Rub the rim of a serving glass with lemon juice and salt from the plate.

Optional: You can add any alcohol if you would like to the drink as well. It pairs well with Tequila.

Cookbook winners

Three lucky learners won a signed copy of the Yellow Chilli Cookbook.

Congratulations to Rama Shecar, Shailaja, and Ruby Ludwina!

If you create any of the above recipes please share them with us on the GetSetUp Facebook Cooking Community page. We would love to see! Meanwhile, click below to explore more of our upcoming cooking classes. 

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