GetSetUp’s new features on mobile are streamlined

Liz Miller

GetSetUp’s new features on mobile are streamlined

Learners who have been enjoying GetSetUp classes may have seen that our features have improved. We have taken learner insights and made a number of great improvements on our desktop version of GetSetUp. On smaller screens like tablets and cellphones we know that all those features can be overwhelming at times so we stuck to the basics.

Same simple sign up for classes - no log in feature

You may have seen that using GetSetUp on a laptop or desktop computer now requires a Log In and password. This is great because it helps to track your classes and progress! You can read more about these features here. On your mobile phone, we made it easy to register for classes with the same simple process we always had.

To register for a class on your mobile phone or tablet:

Simply go to view schedule.

Find a class you are interested in like Donna’s Zoom class.

Access more information about your guide and class

Learners wanted to know more about their Guide before they signed up for classes. Now when you click on the class you can read class information.

Plus you can check out more information about your Guide. Learn who will be teaching the class and why they were selected as a great Guide for this course.

Simple registration for classes

Then just fill out the classic information like before, including your name and email. With one simple click you are registered for the class. When you log in on your laptop or desktop computer, you will see the class in your schedule!

After registering on mobile, you will see the class confirmation and be able to click to share the same class with a friend. That way if you have a friend or family member that might be interested in taking the class with you, you can easily add them!

Invite a friend with a customized message

When you click invite a friend you can also customize the messaging and explain why your friend might enjoy the class. Share great classes with friends and family who are miles away with the click of a button and reconnect in a GetSetUp class.

Enjoy GetSetUp TV

The best new feature when using GetSetUp on your mobile phone or tablet is by far the GetSetUp TV button located at the top of the screen. Look for this button on the upper right hand side of your phone or tablet:

What’s GetSetUp TV?

  • No registration needed, just watch classes currently in progress, or see some of our most popular past classes.
  • Keep GetSetUp classes streaming in the background and learn while you watch your favorite guides and see old and new friends on the GetSetUp community taking classes as you do other things.

You can read more about GetSetUp TV here.

Need help with any of these tools or want to learn more? You can always contact our amazing learner support team. Our great learner support hasn’t changed. In fact Marv is even running special tips and tricks of the new website. Sign up for this event to make sure you know how to make the most of all the new learner tools!

Join a Tips and Tricks Class To Learn All About Our New Features

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GetSetUp’s new features on mobile are streamlined
GetSetUp’s new features on mobile are streamlined
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GetSetUp’s new features on mobile are streamlined
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