Pet Lovers Unite in the Interest Group: Love Me? Love My Pet!

GetSetUp News Apr 20, 2021

Shirley Wilson will be leading the up-and-coming Interest Group: Love Me? Love My Pet!

This interest group will focus on the memories created with pets. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded pet owners and share your favorite pet stories. Plus participants can get tips and ideas on how to keep you and your pet happy together from other pet owners.

Shirley herself is a proud pet owner. Her dog, Kermit, is a Yorkie. He’s best known for his barking by the neighbors and flaunting the bandana he gets from the groomer with pride.

Shirley personally loves dogs. Though she knows that there are lots of different pets that people own and love. She even knows exotic pet owners with potbelly pigs or skunks. Though most of her pet-owning friends have more common pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Together this interest group will be a great way to learn about different pets. The group will discuss the perks that come with pets but also the care, expenses,  and responsibility that being a pet owner includes. Plus different pets can help with different issues like epilepsy and things so even if you don’t have a pet this can be a great way to learn more about pets!

“I have gotten together a lot of great quotes to share about pets to like: you will be blessed with love, laughter, and friendship if you have a pet.”

Now you can share that laughter and friendship with other passionate pet owners. Discuss ways to take awesome pictures of your pets, grooming tips, or what to do when vacation time comes around again with your animal friend.

Shirley has seen a number of pets come to GetSetUp classes and sometimes Kermit joins her as well.

“Once one of the other learners had a parrot in the GetSetUp class who was clinging to her and giving her kisses. I don’t know a lot about owning a parrot but I’d love to learn more!”

Just like it is fun for humans to socialize together and share, it's important for some pets too. Shirley has been taking Kermit to a doggy daycare occasionally so he learners to socialize.

“The doggy daycare is more a playgroup for dogs under 40 pounds. Kermit needs to start socializing with dogs to get used to them. Even when an animal is on TV he goes crazy barking.”

Shirley’s Gotten Set Up With Over 50 Classes In A Month

Shirley first found out about GetSetUp through Facebook last month. She thought there may be some interesting classes and she found more than a few.  In the last month, she’s taken more than 50 classes!

“The instructors know their stuff. I don’t think there is a question that they haven’t answered.”

So far her favorite event was Guest Speaker Rick Steves’ Fireside chat on travel. She was able to get a front-row seat by sharing her travel story to Amsterdam and Accra, Ghana.

“It was just like sitting on the couch and talking to him.”

After, she continued with many of Russ’s travel series classes and enjoyed them all.

“What I like about the travel classes  is you get to go to Europe and you don’t have to pay for the airfare, hotel, nor food and it’s just like being there.”

When she has the chance she enjoys exploring the world and getting out there and talking to people as she travels. Now she’s looking to meet like-minded pet owners to chat with. So bring your pet and share your pet knowledge in the Interest Group: Love Me? Love My Pet!

Interest Group: Love Me? Love My Pet!

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Interest Group: Love Me? Love My Pet!


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