Discover how SAGECents has Built an App Focused on Financial Planning for LGTB Older Adults

In The News Sep 30, 2020

Why Use SageCents?

Since SAGE is the global leader in resources to support and advocate for older LGTB adults it only seems natural that they would be pioneering financial well-being support. Over 400 folks are already actively engaged with SAGECents, a financial tool to help older adults manage their finances, find local financial assistance, and improve their overall financial well-being.

Gamifying Your Finance

The app is designed in a way that makes financial questions enjoyable and fun. For each question, you answer you get points or badges as you complete parts of the application. The whole process is very engaging, with carefully worded questions to encourage users on their financial planning journey.

In order to help users feel more at ease, the app offers a ‘prefer not to say’ option for questions that a user may feel are too intrusive.

5 Minute Sign Up

The initial sign up takes only about 5 minutes! In this phase, users are asked some basic questions about themselves. Users are recognized for diverse lifestyles that are often ignored by more traditional banking apps.

Questions that are inclusive of diversity are essential to confidence and experience.

As a user, Ed Miller said, “It lets me know [SAGECents] recognizes me as a human being. Just recognizing those things made me feel that whoever was creating the app was honoring and respecting LGBT people.”

Some questions ask about other life experiences and maybe a bit ambiguous — so guiding information is given on the right-hand side to further explain the meanings. Furthermore, you can always opt-out of answering questions by selecting what you prefer not to say.

Badges are simple to earn, just answer questions around your lifestyle and financial health. As you progress you are able to see a more complete picture of your overall financial report.

Upon completing the initial step you already get your first badge and have 45+ points! Each badge helps you to level up to a more comprehensive view of your overall financial well-being.

Once you have completed the initial questionnaire, that only takes about 5 minutes, then your profile is ready and you can keep adding to it.

The app also offers a number of resources that users can browse at their leisure and the ability to connect with volunteers and other SAGE users. The goal of the app is really to connect users to resources that can help them manage their financial well-being even better.

Resources include links to financial advisors, volunteers in the LGTB community to talk with, and resources on financial tips and tricks.
According to CPO, David Vincent, “We continue to get positive feedback from our LGBT older adults — many of them have given some great suggestions.”

One such excellent reference is Donna Sue Johnson.

Donna said, “I worked for 40 years as a social worker, living paycheck to paycheck and doing the best I can. Now that I’m retired, I’m doing better but still need some guidance and direction. The app really helped me validate how I’m feeling and gave me a road map on how to get to where I want to go.”

SAGECents is a financial planning tool that users actually want to keep using. From financial personality reports to milestones and achievements, the app helps users look at financial well-being as building blocks to success.

The more questions you answer the more accurate your profile will be.

If you want help managing your financial health and want an application that doesn’t assume you have a house, marriage, and children the SAGECents app is for you. It has taken into account the real-lifestyles of many older adults to create an app that can help them financially plan.

Why not check it out for yourself? Join SAGECents.


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