April is National Volunteer Month #MakeADifference

Ambassadors Mar 31, 2021

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? This is the month that is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and celebrating volunteerism. Without volunteers donating their time and passion to the causes they care about, most endeavors would never be possible. Volunteers make it happen!

National Volunteer Month has been celebrated on and off since the 1940s but gained official recognition since 1990. Each year a special week is selected as National Volunteer week and this year that is April 18-24. National volunteer week has been officially around even earlier since 1974 when Richard Nixon first declared its importance. He called upon all communities to “recognize volunteers by observing the week with special ceremonies to honor those who have given countless hours for the betterment of our communities and the American way of life.” So now we celebrate a month with a special appreciation week within the month.

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Volunteering Adaptations in 2021

For many, volunteering has changed due to the pandemic. Former tutors and school assistants have had to move online and many more people have sought out volunteer opportunities online - meaning both volunteers and volunteer coordinators have had to hone up on their digital skills!

For this year’s volunteer month, while you may not be able to get out into your local community to volunteer, there are still many ways to get engaged and volunteer.

Think about skills that can be done from home, that many community organizations are looking for from volunteers, like:

Share How You Volunteer

Many of our learners and staff are already volunteering on a regular basis. Ambassadors of GetSetUp volunteer to lead interest groups, participate in marketing campaigns, and help us with product feedback and insights.

Check Out How GetSetUp Ambassadors Are Volunteering

Carol Hart leads over 100 Senior Corps volunteers working to help them be an asset to students and teachers through virtual tutoring opportunities.

A. Marlene volunteers at her church helping with different social drives for the senior members of the congregation and through her local SAGE group.

Dick Hewitt works as a diligent volunteer for over 15 different organizations including the Scouts of America and the American Diabetes Association.

Sam has volunteered to teach Spanish at his local senior centers and community centers.  Now he is also doing that on GetSetUp as he hosts Spanish chat interest groups.

Kathleen Draper has been volunteering with local schools in her area by supporting students and teachers.

Many many more of our members are volunteering regular either by helping a neighbor, friend or family member or in more formal volunteering roles in the community. We want to celebrate your efforts!

Share On Social Media Your Volunteer Efforts

This month share how you volunteer with our special campaign on volunteering.

  1. Post an image of your volunteering or one from our campaign,
  2. Tag @GetSetUp and use the hashtag  #MakeADifference.
  3. Share how you have used your digital skills to volunteer or get out in the community through formal or informal initiatives.

Learn More About Volunteering

Want to learn more about how you can get involved in volunteering? Take some of our special volunteer series classes to hone your digital skills and knowledge of volunteer opportunities online.

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Want to help the GetSetUp community as a volunteer?

Join the GetSetup Ambassador program. We are always looking for volunteers to host interest groups or participate in our other great Ambassador volunteer opportunities. Check out which one might be right for you.

Volunteering doesn’t help just those you are supporting, it’s good for you too! The benefits of volunteering include improved mental and physical health, life satisfaction, social well-being, and depression prevention.

With all these benefits it only makes sense to start searching for a volunteer opportunity near you if you don’t already have one!

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