The Future of Education with Michael Horn: Helping Older Adults Learn Online Socially

GetSetUp News Nov 17, 2020

Learning is an essential part of health, happiness, and well-being. It should happen throughout life, but often schools focus learning predominately on the youth.

GetSetUp, on the other hand, has created a platform focused on education and socialization for older adults. The community creates a comfortable learning environment for older adults to learn from and with their peers. Ongoing learning is essential as Research by the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging showed that

“people who engaged in mid/late-life cognitive activity had less cognitive decline over time.”

The GetSetUp community provides opportunities for those over 50 to teach their peers and for learners to come learn new skills or share their knowledge on topics of mutual interest. This not only provides learning but also improves both physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Research done by Chip Conley and Dr. Ingo Rauth focuses on learning in midlife,  "“Long life learning” is a new educational segment focused on helping those in midlife and beyond cultivate more of a sense of purpose and legacy, adaptability and resilience while maximizing well-being, all based upon respected social science and adult development theories on aging. These new educational programs foster communities of like-minded peers who cultivate, harvest, and share wisdom with one another."

Interview on Life-Long Learning

To learn more from Neil himself, and educational specialist Michael, on how GetSetUp is revolutionizing education for lifelong learners, watch the full interview between the two.

Watch the full live interview here:

Do you have a community of older adults whom you want to help connect?

If so, reach out to our Co-Founder, Lawrence Kosick, ( to learn more about partnering with GetSetUp to provide classes to your community, employees, or residents.


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