Teacher Appreciation Week — 10 Reasons Our Guides Mean so Much to Us

GetSetUp News May 09, 2020

Every educational institution thinks they have the best teachers, but here at GetSetUp we have a combined total of 1000+ hours of teaching experience!

GetSetUp is made of teachers, founded by teachers, and our greatest product is our teachers, or as we like to call them our Guides. We harness the talent of retired educators and reskill them to become experts in new technologies, apps, and software so they can teach other 50+ adult learners these skills in self-paced live remote learning sessions to reach a segment of the population that is often overlooked.

In many ways, our Guides are some of the unsung heroes of the pandemic. When the crisis hit they rallied together for a 3-day Teacher Rapid Response GetSetUp Academy to ensure that our 40 retired educators were experts in the tools essential for our public school teachers to teach remotely during the corona crisis. Within three short days, they were ready and prepared to teach a week of courses with over 300+ hours of live onboarding and training so educators felt self-sufficient and confident to start teaching students remotely. Our Guides are the unsung heroes behind the public school teachers they helped to ensure students transitioned into online classes smoothly.

In addition, many have taken on themselves to teach some of 40+ FREE live online classes, in addition to our regular fee-based classes that we offered to 50+ adult learners to help get them up to speed quickly on essential technology for life in the stay-at-home situation. These included skills such as grocery delivery, telemedicine solutions, Zoom, Uber, and more. These heroes reach one room or small groups of about three rooms but provide confidence and vital skills to ensure these seniors' mental health and well-being.

Education is a lifelong process and teachers can be found all around us from the person showing us how to cook a new dish to the traditional teachers in the classroom setting. All of them deserve our appreciation! Many of our excellent GetSetUp Guides wear multiple teaching hats in both the classroom, the kitchen, and the community in addition to their work as Guides.

Our Guides are excellent teachers because they:

  1. Place themselves in their learners’ shoes: They know what it is like to be a senior so they can provide customized classes to help with adult learners’ needs.
  2. Make learning fun: They provide dynamic and engaging classes.
  3. Have empathy: In our classes, there is no rush. Students learn at their own pace, there is no race.
  4. Foster confidence: Students leave with new skills and the confidence to use and apply these skills on their own.
  5. Are patient and kind: In a world as individualistic as ours at times, it is essential to find communities that foster kindness and the patience for each person to learn at their own pace.
  6. Prove through their work how much seniors still have to give: Our Guides are rockstars who often are entrepreneurs, classroom teachers, consultants and so much more. They are in classes and out in the communities showing that you are never too old to give back to your community.
  7. Learn new technology and skills quickly and transform that into amazing: Our Guides are humble students. They love to learn too, and eagerly take on the challenge to learn new technology, engross themselves in it, and go on to teach others these amazing skills.
  8. Promote community: With small group classes Guides help to foster community among learners to realize they are not alone, and to promote shared learning and experiences.
  9. Act as Role Models: They show daily through everything they have done and continue to do that role models and heroes come in all shapes and ages. They constantly defy age stigmas to prove their own skills and those of their adult learners who are effectively trained to use new tools despite obstacles along the way.
  10. Motivate others (and themselves) to continue to learn — — forever! Learning is a lifelong process and helps to keep us happy and well. We love that our Guides foster that in our students and make it an integral part of their lives.

These are just 10 of the many many reasons our Guides mean so much to us every day, but especially as pandemic heroes promoting lifelong learning! We strongly believe that teachers and Guides need to be appreciated throughout our lives, daily, not just one week a year, so we never want to let an opportunity to thank them go by!

Do you know an adult learner 50+ who could benefit from our amazing Guides who specialize in teaching seniors?

Check out some of our classes here, and give the gift of lifelong learning to someone special with our extraordinary Guides leading the way!


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