Spotlight on Jerry Greenfield the Wine Whisperer

Guide Insights May 25, 2021

Jerry Greenfield took his passion for education from the classroom to live virtual classes on GetSetUp. Jerry got his initial Master's degree from the University of Florida to teach junior college. He had the opportunity to travel the world teaching ESL in places like Madrid and work in video production in Israel. When he returned with his wife in 1973 to the US they started an advertising agency together. Now he works with advertising, teaching university freshman English, and sharing his passion for wine through short YouTube videos and GetSetUp classes. He also teaches a wine course at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Jerry’s passion for wine started with his epiphany when a friend poured him a 1995 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Suddenly, he was hooked. He started going to wine tastings, dinners, taking courses. He and his wife even customized their house to help accommodate their 800 bottle collection.

“Of my wine enthusiast friends we have one of the smallest collections.”

Since then Jerry has gone on to become known as the Wine Whisperer. He’s written a number of books on the subject and is well known for his wine knowledge and writes a wine column for the Florida Weekly. That’s what makes him the wine expert on GetSetUp.

Jerry first heard about GetSetUp in the monthly newsletter from Bottom Line and he went to learn more. The rest is history!

Live class on Introduction to New Zealand Wine
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Introduction to New Zealand Wine
Explore New Zealand Wine

Wine Advice From The Wine Whisperer

Jerry and his wife enjoy a nice bottle of wine at an event together. 

Jerry’s favorite wines are the French and Italian wines.

“We have traveled extensively to France and Italy, so I can relate personally. I have to say they don’t make wine in ugly places. So if you are looking to travel somewhere pick a place that makes wine!”

This and other great advice Jerry enjoys teaching others. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge. He especially likes when other learners turn on their cameras and he can see their expressions as they learn new things or also enjoy a glass of wine with him!

“I teach freshman composition to kids of about 18, but I don’t have a common cultural frame of reference with them. My examples they don’t know.  With GetSetUp we aren’t all the same age but I have a lot more in common with a variety of ages in the classes. We share a cultural base and that really helps me to get my points across.”

Jerry is impressed with the breadth of experience the Guides have to provide the wide variety of classes that GetSetUp offers to learners.

“I think it's an incredible opportunity for learners. I wish there was a way to get the word out faster and have more people come in all the time!”

There is no one size fits all of the GetSetUp community and that’s one of the reasons Jerry enjoys teaching community members.

“It has been really interesting to see all the different kinds of people who get attracted to GetSetUp classes. They show up from all parts of the world. It’s just been a great mix of people to meet with and work with.”

Jerry has learners from all over the world including a regular learner who logs in from Hawaii and others who log in from South Africa. He is constantly open to more questions in classes and encourages them!

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How do you know what wine to explore?

Step 1: Narrow down your taste and preferences. Do you like red or white wine? Do you like light and fruity wine or more full bodied wine?

Step 2: Consider if you are pairing the wine with food or not

Step 3: Find a local wine shop. Ask advice there from the experts.

While big stores like Costco and Total Wine may offer cheaper prices if you want to explore wine, it’s good to find a local shop and put yourself in their hands. Wine clubs can be a great way to explore some wines but some of them don’t actually offer wines that you can then go out and buy locally.

One of Jerry and his wife’s favorite wines is Chardonnay by Rodney Strong. They also enjoy a good white Burgundy or a classic Chianti.

Live class on Introduction to Wine Appreciation
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Introduction to Wine Appreciation
Introduction To Wine Appreciation

Jerry’s Top Tips For Selecting Good Wine

  1. Sample Widely (and responsibly) - The best way to find a good wine is to drink lots of different wines. Part of the joy of sampling is discovering new vineyards and tastes!
  2. Start with the Basics - If you aren’t sure where to start go with a classic white Chardonnay or a red Cabernet Sauvignon. They are some of the most common to find and a good choice to start sampling widely.
  3. Find a Local Wine Store - These local shops have people who can help you. Plus you might meet other locals who share your interests. These are great ways to find out about local tastings too.

Most importantly Jerry says,

“There are two kinds of wines in the world. The kind you like and the kind you don’t. Exploring wines helps you learn which is which.”

So whether you come in to sip with Jerry or learn more about a certain region make sure you make the most of your wine!

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Live class on White Wines of the World
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