Spotlight on Australian Guide Natalie Wieneroider

Guide Insights Jul 16, 2021
“The older you get the more you have to tell,”

shared GetSetUp Guide Natalie Wieneroider, based out of Melbourne, Australia. While Natalie now focuses on health and wellness, she has done “5 million” jobs over her lifetime, including managing a payroll and being a tour guide both in Europe and around Australia.  20 years ago she discovered yoga on a trip to India and that was the start of her movement teaching journey that has continued since then. She went on to become certified as a Yoga, Pilates and Restorative Exercise teacher and now leads a number of movement classes for older adults on GetSetUp.

“I'm a why person. I need to know why this happens. I could have gotten a PhD with the money I have spent on workshops and training since I always need to know more.”

Her questioning paid off:  she has been sharing her love of movement, health, and wellness by working in the fitness industry for the last 20 years. She has worked at gyms with the average age being 53+ and really enjoys helping others stay healthy as they age.

“I want to know everything and so I just assume that everyone wants to know more. I'm curious about everything and everyone. I like to hear everyone's story.”

She was really excited to find GetSetUp when she saw that they were advertising for someone to teach fitness online.

“I was like oh my goodness! They want someone my age (which is not all that common in the fitness world) I was so excited since I was used to teaching online so this was a perfect fit.”

Now Natalie is teaching 7 different classes for GSU, including Core & Stretch. These classes combine movement principles from yoga, pilates, and restorative exercise.

Core & Stretch – Movement Class with Natalie W

This class is inspired by simple Pilates-based movements which target the entire body with the emphasis on the core,  (in this case) meaning most of the body, minus arms and legs.

The core  is what keeps us in balance. It  also helps to stabilise our movements, such as keeping ourselves from falling over when something unexpected occurs such as stepping on a slippery surface. We want to be able to use our abs reflexively,  so they can activate  and move in all directions to support and keep us upright.

Take A Core & Stretch Class
Live class on Core & Stretch – Movement Class with Natalie W
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Core & Stretch – Movement Class with Natalie W

As Natalie moves learners through exercises, they will also be experiencing ways of stretching body parts.

Each week Natalie plans classes which often add new movements.

“Classes are a bit different every week. I make simple adaptations so learners move in different ways. In daily life, we tend to do the same movements over and over. My classes help get us moving out of repetitive patterns and explore different ways to love your body and make it easier to move for the rest of your life.”

Moving In New Ways Is Important As You Age

“The biggest misconception is that you need to or should be flexible to take my classes. My classes are specifically for those people who aren’t flexible!”

Through these different movements, older adults can work to get themselves healthier all around.

Top 5 Reasons Movement is Important

  1. Move Diversely - Diverse movements help to strengthen different muscles and keep them healthy. Alternate between weights, strength training, and cardio as per your doctor's recommendations.
  2. No Single Solution - Every training claims to be the one and only fix-all. There is no one fix-all, not yoga alone, pilates alone, or anything; it’s about diversity.
  3. Mind and Body - It’s equally as important to meditate and rest the mind as it is to move. Don’t forget to keep your mind strong.
  4. Practice Discipline - Find a coach, a group, or a class if you need help sticking to discipline with movement. Regular practice is a great way to stay well!
  5. Connect - Whether the connection for you is with other people, with your mind, or by aligning your body make sure you are connecting to stay in harmony with yourself.
“I am super disciplined if I set my mind to it. I will do it without prompting from anyone else. For a lot of people, they can’t do that and they need guidance. Being online is having someone there when you don’t necessarily want to leave home but need that extra push to keep you on track. Plus another great benefit is no travel time. You can just roll out of bed and do some movement! Each day you can choose to be really social online with the camera on, and meet other people or be incognito and not interact depending on your mood.”

However you choose to participate, whether it's from your living room or the park outside, joining one of Natalie’s classes is a great way to stay in motion. Plus, all of her classes are easily adaptable and built around those who may have mobility issues. You can do classes from the floor, a chair, or standing depending on your own personal health and wellbeing.

“The best part about GetSetUp though is really the community. People get to meet each other even though they are online and build a good rapport. Many participants tune in from all over the world and come regularly. Even though we are in motion there is still a little time for conversations!”

No matter what your interests are, there is something for you on GetSetUp. Pick a topic or scroll to find a topic you might not have thought about; you are sure to find something new. Start and see how one class with Natalie can help to strengthen both your body and mind!


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