Special Announcement

GetSetUp & Tivity Health Announce Partnership To Provide Virtual, Interactive Health Programming To Older Adults

Physical Fitness + Mental Enrichment + Social Engagement

The GetSetUp and SilverSneakers® combined new offering will provide an excellent holistic health program for older adults.

The partnership will expand mental enrichment opportunities for eligible SilverSneakers members, in participating plans. Along with physical fitness, SilverSneakers members can now learn new skills, unlock new life experiences, and continue life-long learning with unlimited access to the GetSetUp platform at no additional cost to the member.

Get notified if you're eligible in January 2022

In addition to SilverSneakers’ in-person and virtual fitness classes, members will be able to choose from a curriculum of virtual enrichment classes taught by expert older adult Guides on GetSetUp’s platform.

What's Included

Why Mental And Physical Activity Are Both Important

Kelly O'Brien, Executive Director, Brain Health Partnership.  UsAgainstAlzhiemers

“Mental enrichment activities not only increase our enjoyment of life through the stimulation of learning and connecting with others, but they are also important to maintain brain health,” said Kelly O’Brien, Executive Director, Brain Health Partnership for UsAgainstAlzheimers.

“Research is increasingly pointing to early intervention to maintain cognitive function and delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Providing seniors with opportunities to engage their brains is an important part of healthy aging.”

Together Providing Access To A Full Wellness Solution

Unlimited access to 15K fitness locations nationwide.

Weights, machines, and group classes led by instructors trained in senior fitness.

Live virtual fitness classes, wellness workshops and an on-demand library of fitness and health improvement content.

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2000+ mental enrichment classes on technology, healthy cooking, virtual travel and more.

24/7 access to live activities with creators from all over the globe building strong social connections.

A welcoming, engaging place to not only learn from peers, but teach, share skills and earn income.

Learners Thriving With GetSetUp

GetSetUp is the largest, fastest growing social learning and community platform for older adults, creating economic, social wellness and educational opportunities.

Dick Hewitt

“What a wonderful organization. From classes to social interaction–wow, it has such a repertoire!”

He adds that he can’t get enough from GetSetup, taking classes from Australia, sharing his own experience in vaccine information sessions, and now sharing the joy of learning with others in his community.

Lee Merriweather

Lee stays active and fit by combining weekly classes from her local gym and GetSetUp for fitness, meditation, learning new technology, and laughing with friends.

"I can’t think of a class I have taken that I haven’t enjoyed.”

Carol Neuberger

"There’s always a social aspect with the teachers and other people to talk to with classes customized for older adults. Line dancing takes tiny steps, which is perfect for an older person. You don’t have to be jumping around. I lost 5 pounds just in the last week, and I attribute that to just a few of those dance classes.”

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