ReThink Education's Impact Report With Q&A From Neil Dsouza

GetSetUp News Jun 30, 2021

Rethink Education is making a difference in reshaping education through technology.

"We invests in people, ideas and companies that rethink the way we learn and teach. We support mission-driven founders willing to tackle the HARD problems - to challenge the status quo and transform educational outcomes for all learners."

Rethink Education's 2020 Impact Report highlights over 40 pages of shifts to education that Rethink Education helped to foster in 2020. Among the list of innovative educational companies is GetSetUp.

GetSetUp is leading the way in one of the growing educational industries - older adult education. To learn more about these innovations specific to GetSetUp be sure to check out Rethink Education's featured Q&A with Neil Dsouza.

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GetSetUp is a safe, social and interactive learning environment that has been specifically designed for olders adults. Classes are taught by older adults and kept small to ensure everyone can actively participate.


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