Leslie found her confidence through GetSetUp classes

Liz Miller

Leslie found her confidence through GetSetUp classes
Leslie found confidence.

Leslie is a former accountant and bookkeeper who specialized in taxes and payroll. During that career, she led peer training for her local Chamber of Commerce and at other locations. Now she’s based in New Mexico and works part-time in retail to help support her up-and-coming online business. Leslie knew she wanted to move forward with her business but she was running into roadblocks.

“I had lost my confidence and GetSetUp helped me gain my confidence back.”

When Leslie, a Blue Cross Blue Shield member, first found GetSetUp she was only interested in attending classes. She didn’t want to participate with a video or microphone. Gradually she started to participate in the chat and then audio. She remained camera shy for quite some time.

“However, I believed in the mission of GetSetUp and I loved the community and the Guides. I wanted to help out. So I checked out being a GetSetUp Ambassador but was terrified of being on camera. But, soon after Guide Deb reached out to me to ask if I would like to co-lead a class and share my tips on cooking for one or two in a small space.” 

Leslie had been attending many of Deb’s classes and Deb thought Leslie had a unique opinion to add that was important about the tips and tricks for cooking in small spaces.

“Deb saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. She was like a mentor, who gave me an opportunity I didn’t think I was ready for. She helped me share with the world how I cook in a small space. This allowed me to contribute to the community to share things I didn’t know I was so good at. I always thought I was more a numbers person and not as creative, but this is proving otherwise.” 

Her first class co-hosting with Deb helped her learn a lot about pacing and presentation.

“I was so nervous during the first class that I chattered like a chipmunk, but Deb was so kind, professional, and soothing. She somehow managed to control the conversation while still keeping the focus on me and the topic at hand. I learned so much from Deb on how to present online like how not to cram two hours’ worth of content into a one-hour class.”

Leslie went on to help co-host several other classes and develop handouts on Canva

Next, she volunteered to lead her own interest group Cooking for one or two, which she had led for the past six months. As a Community Host, she’s been able to share her creative talents. Plus she's formed friendships with fellow creators who support her like Karen, Jennifer, and Linda.  

“GetSetUp is like family -- I have met so many friends. I am wholly inspired by the community within GetSetUp of fellow interest group leaders and Guides. This is particularly great because I’m not a Facebook person as there is too much negativity. The GetSetUp community makes sure you never feel alone or adrift.”

 Developing business skills for her small business 

Leslie is on the road to creating her own small business. She wants to help small business owners - like she previously did through payroll, accounting, and bookkeeping -  by designing templates and digital designs for them to use like planners, workbooks, and worksheets. They can easily use these with limited modifications, often in free online programs.

To accomplish her goals Leslie has been taking a number of classes on GetSetUp to help her build her business.

“I was running into some stumbling blocks and I wanted to take classes to start my business. Now with GetSetUp classes, I’m learning more about building websites and improving my blogging skills. From Guide Kevin’s mastermind classes, I also learned how to make a business plan.” 

Plus Leslie has joined a group of 36 women who are supporting each other as they learn business skills. Leslie has also found that she’s learning a lot by teaching and hosting an interest group that applies to her own business endeavors. She’s finding that the two go very much hand and hand.

“I’ve taken classes that have inspired me to teach something I never thought I would do before. This experience helped me gain confidence. That positive feedback ultimately transferred to my other work.”

Thanks to classes she’s even started to make her second website where she hopes to share more recipes for cooking for one or two. She wants to add some fun downloadable things like recipe dividers and wall art.

“To be honest, I’m super impressed with myself. I really didn’t have the confidence I thought to be leading classes. But by being in the GetSetUp community and Kevin’s mastermind classes, I have been bound and determined to follow through.”

Empowerment leads to improved health benefits

It might seem obvious but when we gain confidence we improve our health. Leslie saw her confidence at an all-time low of a 2 on a 10 point scale. Thanks to GetSetUp she’s raised that to a 9 in a couple of months! 

“GetSetUp is a community that sees the value in everyone and helps that person grow and be who they are.“

Plus being part of a community that offers a variety of fitness classes has helped Leslie to get more active.

“For exercise, you have to find something that you enjoy doing. The nice thing about GetSetUp fitness classes is you can take one class without a commitment. You can go in and out trying different classes until you find what fits you.”

Many gyms require you to commit for at least a month and that can be discouraging if the class wasn’t the right fit. For example, Leslie tried a line-dancing class but she didn’t enjoy it because she considers herself terribly uncoordinated. However, she found a class that works for her through the morning walking workout group. 

“I love that you can try, without commitment, until you find what works for you.”

Ultimately, GetSetUp has been helping Leslie to meet her personal self-development goals and go beyond mere classes.

“The GetSetUp community is so supportive as you work to get started. I love learning and it gave me the confidence to go beyond learning to take action.”

A more well-rounded and holistic lifestyle means that Leslie had the confidence to step up and step out in a community of like-minded people. There she could form friendships and get inspired by other members of the community leading to her feeling happier.

“GetSetUp brought something I didn’t have which was friendships and that increased my overall happiness.”

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Leslie found her confidence through GetSetUp classes
Leslie found her confidence through GetSetUp classes
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Leslie found her confidence through GetSetUp classes
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