New Year, New Me - Learning Challenge 2021

GetSetUp News Jan 04, 2021

With a new year starting people are all making some changes. Some of us have new goals to start doing, other goals we want to keep doing or maintain, and some are striving to stop doing some past habits.

We want to challenge you to take up learning in the new year! Let your #NewYearNewMe challenge be built around learning and personal growth.

Start 2021 Full Of Knowledge - Join GetSetUp's Learning Challenge.  

Engage your mind and explore new concepts, new ideas, and new skills through GetSetUp classes. Whether you want to learn new skills for professional reasons, to stay healthier, or just for fun, we are sure to have a class to help you!

This year you can make learning your 2021 challenge and commit to taking 10 classes a month. There is no need to sign up separately for this challenge, just take the 10 classes you love best this month. The GetSetUp team will keep track of the classes you are taking for you! Next month then we will let you know the results.

Better yet by taking these classes you won’t just be enhancing your own learning but also supporting the Boys & Girls Club of America, an organization dedicated to enabling all youth, no matter their circumstances, to reach their full potential.

For each person who completes the challenge in January, GetSetUp will donate $10 to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

So, take the plunge, commit to learning, and help youth learn and grow at the same time!

Learning Challenge 2021


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