Mary Is Reinventing Herself In Retirement And One Of Many Ways Is Through GetSetUp

Ambassadors Mar 29, 2021

Mary just found out about GetSetUp a few weeks ago from a friend on the TEDx team she had worked on. Since she retired she has been challenging herself to try new things and reinvent herself.

One of the new challenges included a 2019 TEDx Talk. There she explained Blackholes and Bananas: How Science Helps Us See The Unseen based on some of the research and work she used to do for NASA. Another fun adventure is that she will appear in a game show which will air May 2021. You’ll have to tune-in to see if she wins because she’s not telling!

Now after decades of working as a software engineer, and doing technical training and marketing she’s ready for the next adventure.

“I’m on the younger side of older adult, since I turn 50 this year, but I’ve been working with this demographic for a while.”

She spent part of the pandemic working with Oasis to help seniors via Zoom. And she has been helping to market her husband,David Putnam’s crime novels. The bestselling crime series follows Bruno Johnson, an ex-cop and ex-convict on his thrilling adventures.

Technology Customized For Older Adults

“Talking about silver linings of covid, I have gotten to use my skills to help people, and learned more skills myself with all the new on-line options!”

Mary has worked years in technology and been a tech trainer, but she was thrilled to find GetSetUp - not just because of the classes but because of the technology.

“The fact that GetSetUp was started from the ground up with the interface specifically designed for older adults is a game-changer. It is super clean. You just click on it. For the demographic, this is so huge! It is a simple platform that was built to be interactive over the internet, not just an on-line component plastered on. I really appreciate that.”

She truly believes the fact that the instructors are peers of similar ages to the learners sets GetSetUp apart.

“I know a lot of people concerned about ageism and getting jobs in your 50s. It’s nice to have a variety of classes taught by such knowledgeable professionals.”

Even though Mary herself used to train on technology tools, she still enjoys joining the technology-based classes.

“I took Tips for Gmail even though I've used gmail for years. There are always little things that you can still pick up and learn. Like how to send a confidential email. I didn’t know how to do that before or even that it was an option.”

She also enjoyed Kevin’s goal-setting class that helped her to align her goals. Plus she is now participating in the follow-up mastermind class. This class meets regularly to help hold goal-setters accountable and help them manage their goals.

Inspiration Leads To More Creativity

Mary participated in an interview on GetSetUp by NBC7 explaining her experience as a learner. 

Mary has been so inspired that she’s planning to propose class ideas. To vet her ideas she has taken 24 classes in a week easily.

“I want to see how the classes I’m suggesting would fit into the classes already there.”

Plus classes like Art Journaling have gotten her inspired to try something new. The world is her oyster and GetSetUp is opening a myriad of possibilities at the click of a button.

From learning some new line dancing steps she didn’t know before to just tuning into GetSetUp TV when she's starting her day at 5 AM -  there is always something happening on GetSetUp.

After Wade's Amazon Alexa class, she took his suggestions a few steps further to use her Alexa devices to: print her to-do-list and change the color of a smart LED bulb.

“I thought I might use it to let my husband know I'm Zooming… the red light could mean I’m ‘On Air.”

She’s even thinking of putting some of her skills and talents on GetSetUp and teaching. Though she’s still navigating ideas on how instructing Zumba or Hula class would work.

In the meantime, she’s used Wade's class on How to Build a Great LinkedIn Profile to gain some important "actionable intelligence." She’s since put his suggestions to good use and updated her LinkedIn profile.

“GetSetUp is super fun and easy. The fact that they add new classes all the time is awesome! Plus you can meet people from all over the world - both the learners and instructors.”

It’s not just people from around the globe, Mary has also seen one of her neighbors” (40 miles down the road) in the GetSetUp classes. Now she sees him all the time on-line in various GetSetUp classes and hopes to bump into him sometime in the real world!

Join GetSetUp to meet your neighbors and people from all over the globe! It’s simple, fun, and easy.

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