Learn The Importance of Connecting Across Generations

Guest Speakers Jun 11, 2021

Cross-generational  sharing has a number of benefits for older people. It is a principle focused on well-being as we age according to studies done by the Harvard Study of Adult Development.  In his book, Aging Well, Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant highlights the importance of bonds with partners, peers, and especially ties that span generations. Older adults who invested in generativity - caring for and developing the next generation - were three times as likely to be happy as those who did not.

Plus a study by Hopkins professor Michelle Carlson found that, after six months of tutoring students with Experience Corps, older adults had “improved brain and cognitive function.”

If working across generations can improve your brain and cognitive function shouldn’t we be doing it all the time?

Creating Community For All Ages

Deborah Gale embarked upon her latest quest for purpose about 10 years ago. She went back to school and did a second masters in Public Policy and Ageing. Now, she is a gerontologist researcher for two social enterprises: The Age Of No Retirement and Encore Fellows UK. This followed raising five daughters, born within 5.5 years of each other (including two sets of twins and moving back and forth across the Atlantic five times). That was after getting an MBA and working in Silicon Valley where she was Apple Computer's international treasury manager. So, Deb's intentional ageing strategy is to mute the negatives about ageing, while nurturing every opportunity to support intergenerational relationships, across the entire life course.

Tuesday, June 15th Deb will share the importance of finding purpose at every age and why that means we need inclusive design and intergenerational design principles. Through this fun session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn what is possible when it comes to designing an intergenerational community.

Guest Speaker: Creating a World For All Ages with Gerontologist Researcher Deb Gale

By now, most of us have reluctantly or exuberantly gotten accustomed to living with smartphones. We've also been ageing with them, during a pandemic, and that has changed absolutely everything about the way we live. "Design can enable or disable '' and we all need to get on board to help create a world that works for all ages in our post pandemic and increasingly digitally reliant world.

Join Deb Gale
Live class on Guest Speaker: Creating a World For All Ages with Gerontologist Researcher Deb Gale
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Guest Speaker: Creating a World For All Ages with Gerontologist Researcher Deb Gale

See Generational Changes Across Presidencies Eyewitness To History

Pete Souza's career has covered a lot of ground in communication and journalism and now he is coming to GetSetUp to share the behind the scenes stories of two of the most iconic Presidents in history, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, as seen through Souza's eyes and camera. As Official White House Photographer for both these Presidents, Souza was an eyewitness to the unique and tremendous responsibilities of being the United States President across generations.

Thursday, June 17th, Pete will share iconic photographs captured with President Reagan and President Obama with the GetSetUp community. Learn the stories behind the photographs and get leading photography insights from Pete's Q&A portion of the talk.

Guest Speaker: Eyewitness to History with Pete Souza

As the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Barack Obama and Official White House Photographer for President Reagan from 1983-1989, Pete was in a unique position to spend rare and intimate moments in the Oval Office observing two transformative Presidents of the United States. He shares some of his iconic behind-the-scenes photographs, along with his poignant detailed stories, all leading to a bold and dynamic depiction of true leadership.

Join Pete Souza
Live class on Guest Speaker: Eyewitness to History with Pete Souza
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Guest Speaker: Eyewitness to History with Pete Souza

Win The Opportunity To Talk Directly With Pete

Want to join a select group of Learners for a small group chat following the live event with Pete? You will have a chance to talk directly with Pete, ask questions and have your photo taken. To win your spot at this special chat, submit your questions for Pete! Just fill in the form below to have your chance to be selected for this after the event exclusive talk.

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Those who have been preselected for this opportunity will be notified on Tuesday the 15th of their invitation to this exclusive after hours chat with Pete.


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