Learn Storytelling and Financial Protection with Guest Speakers Next Week On GetSetUp

Apr 30, 2021

GetSetUp’s Guest Speaker Series is off and running. Every week we bring you great Guest Speakers sharing important insights for our GetSetUp community. You can keep up to date on our guest speakers and register in advance for those that interest you by going to our Guest Speaker Series page.

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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers on GetSetUp highlight the needs and interests of our older adult community. Come to these events to learn from experts in a variety of fields and explore new topics!

Guest Speakers For May 2, 2021- May 8, 2021

Next week we will be hosting Guest Speakers on storytelling for grandparents and as a means of connection, and representatives from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to speak on financial security.

Storytelling for Grandparents with Priscilla Howe

Priscilla Howe loves to create stories from scratch, by borrowing from old tales or reinterpreting stories for this new era. As a storyteller, she guides people through her creative brain without scripts, props, or costumes to bring out laughs, smiles, and the sheer joy of a story well told. She performs at schools, libraries, festivales, events and has created her own site subscription series of stories.

Storytelling is not only one of the oldest forms of education in the world, but something Priscilla finds fun. She has been telling stories since she was a teenage babysitter and never stopped. With a Master’s Degree in Library Services and lots of experience as a children’s librarian, it only seems natural that storytelling would come easy to her. She’s been surrounded by tales and creating them throughout her life!

She has told stories in 14 countries and in French and Bulgarian, but mostly she shares them in English. Her collection of folktales from Bulgaria were published by Parkhurst Brothers Publishers, in a book called Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly: A Bulgarian Folktale Sampler.

Come to Priscilla's event on May 4th to get professional tips for telling excellent stories to your grandkids and to reflect on how storytelling can keep our families connected even in this disconnected time.

Guest Speaker: Storytelling for Grandparents with Priscilla Howe

One of the longest-lasting gifts we can give to children is the gift of story. Whether you’re telling true stories, made-up tales or old favorite folktales, storytelling strengthens family bonds. In this participatory workshop, Priscilla offers her favorite tips and techniques for building a storytelling tradition in your family.

Guest Speaker: Storytelling for Grandparents

Learn about Financial Protection with Lisa Schifferle and Kate Kramer from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office for Older Adults.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is one of the U.S. government agencies that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat consumers fairly. Join representatives from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as they talk about resources to help with financial decisions. They will shine a spotlight on key financial issues and scams that older adults might face. So come prepared to learn the latest resources to help secure your financial future and that of your loved ones.

Guest Speaker: Financial Protection for Older Adults with Lisa Schifferle and Kate Kramer

Join us for a presentation spotlighting free resources that can help you make sound financial decisions and avoid scams and financial exploitation. You’ll hear from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office for Older Americans on tools for older adults and their family and friends. Topics will include COVID scams, elder financial exploitation, financial caregiving, reverse mortgages, online and mobile banking – and more.

Guest Speaker: Financial Protection for Older Adults

Enjoy expert guest speakers as they share fun and relevant information to help you live a healthier and happier life. Don’t miss our upcoming speakers as we are adding to our line up regularly!

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