Join The #iCan Movement And Inspire Others

Participate Jun 01, 2021

It's been a very difficult year for so many of us. But it's time to start looking forward and celebrating what we can do. We've created fun, simple ways to make that happen!

We want you to lead with your best foot forward and highlight your skills!

Highlighting what you can do helps one to appreciate what they have. Through #iCan statements we have empathy to understand that one person’s accomplishments are still another person’s dreams. #iCan statements help to show others that one step at a time anything is possible. They are fun, simple ways, to promote positivity, inspire, and affirm our gratitude for our own skills. Start and end your day on a positive note. Remember all the wonderful things you can do and share those with others to connect with them and make an impact.

As we age sometimes the world showers us with what we can’t do, but at GetSetUp we know that as we age #WeCan! We want to start a revolution of people who aren’t focused on what they can’t do anymore but rather on what they can do now!

Why Participate?

So, take affirmative action to make a statement! Share something you can learn, do, teach, or accomplish.

Each and every day start your day off right with affirming what you can do. Check back in with yourself at the end of the day, maybe you can do something new by then?

How to Join #iCan

GetSetUp is a community that fosters lifelong learners and we want to highlight the amazing things they can do.

Share with us what you can do! It’s simple.

  1. Complete 1 or more sentences starting with #iCan
  2. Send a photo to go with your affirmation to

Not sure where to go with your statements? Try filling in one of these great statements:

  1. #iCan learn _______
  2. #iCan do _______
  3. #iCan make ________
  4. #iCan teach _________
  5. #iCan lead _________
  6. #iCan share __________
  7. #iCan navigate __________
  8. #iCan understand _________
  9. #iCan accomplish _________
  10. #iCan improve __________
  11. #iCan start __________
  12. #iCan excel at _________
  13. #iCan help ___________
  14. #iCan be a role model for ____________
  15. #iCan think positively about _______
  16. #iCan change the world by ___________
  17. #iCan enjoy _____________
  18. #iCan ___ skill
  19. #iCan ___ my health
  20. #iCan ___ socialize

Raffle: Every week 10 of the submissions will be chosen to receive a GetSetUp t-shirt! You can send in a statement with a picture or a video each week and be entered weekly into the Raffle.

Together #WeCan share all the inspirational things that older adults in our GetSetUp community are doing daily and inspire others!

Join A GetSetUp
GetSetUp: Live classes for older adults
GetSetUp is an online community of people who want to learn new skills, connect with others and unlock new life experiences.

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