Introducing GetSetUp's New Look!

GetSetUp News Dec 01, 2020

You may have noticed some small changes over the last week. Perhaps you noticed that some of your GetSetUp emails looked a bit different. The colors shifted. There was a new logo. Well, we wanted to come right out and announce our new look and why we have made these changes.

GetSetUp continues to help others reach their full potential by offering a safe, social, and interactive learning environment specially designed for older adults, with classes available around the clock. Our community comes together to learn topics that help improve health and wellness, enhance independent living and aging in place, and provide opportunities to acquire new skills to re-enter the workforce. We join together to socialize, reduce loneliness, and learn!  

Why our look is changing?

As we grow and expand globally with classes launching in India, Australia, the UK, and Canada we want to make sure we have a clear and recognizable image. Our new logo we feel better represents what we stand for with bold engaging colors that truly reflect on bold learning that is pushing boundaries.

How is an arrow more GetSetUp?

Well, that’s the fun part. It’s not just an arrow. Our designers worked tirelessly to find an image that really encompassed all that we are and that we do. Initially, we considered how with each thing we learn we advance a step in our own personal growth and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Naturally, this led us to think about stairs, upward movement, and reaching goals that at times may seem out of reach, but never are with a little step in the right direction.

Stairs aren’t the only things that help us move forward in life, and let’s be honest one of the benefits of GetSetUp is that you don’t have to tackle any stairs to join a class, just log on! Therefore we considered what else our logo could represent that truly represents us and our community.

It didn’t take us long to see that if you just shift the arrow the tiniest bit it also represents us in so many ways. From looking like the classic representation of learning as a book to the most modern tool for learning a computer. If you combine learning through books, computers, and interactive methodologies you are slowly climbing the stairs toward the direction of your goals!

GetSetUp helps to get you there with whatever tools from our community that you need be that book knowledge, computer skills, and/or peers and support to help you climb those stairs. We are here to help empower you to move forward with your goals and desires!

GetSetUp is climbing our own stairs to reach adult learners globally, so follow our arrow toward knowledge via accessible, inexpensive, and enjoyable classes. GetSetUp was built to help you get more out of life with engaging, insightful sessions meant to empower you with knowledge. Live better, longer - learn how with GetSetUp.

We look forward to seeing you in a GetSetUp class soon!


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