Home Care Service Adds Education as a Benefit

Life-Long Learning Jun 24, 2020

Boutique home care firms like Avida are appealing options for adults who want to stay independent but realize they need some additional help. They help to put older children’s minds at ease and offset caregiver tasks from family to trained professionals.

Raul Mendez the founder of Avida Homecare knows first hand the needs of caring home care options, as he was inspired by his caregiving tasks for his father. Raul strives to be unique in the Home Care space with personal attention from himself and his core staff, a certified nursing assistant as a lead caregiver, and a no ‘stranger’ caregiver policy. Avida’s small boutique home care attends residents in the San Francisco Bay Area and allows his clients to feel safe, secure, and empowered as they age — all while providing peace of mind for the clients’ loved ones.

Partnering to be Leaders in Home Care

Raul is not satisfied with providing just home care, he is striving to provide quality of life care as well. He is offering live online classes with GetSetUp as a client bonus.

GetSetUp has retired educators teach older adults the essential tech tools they need to live healthier, happier, and more connected lives. Avida has created a customized bundle subscription of GetSetUp classes to offer his clients so that his clients can feel connected even while alone at home. Classes provide outlets for these older adults to digitally adopt the latest technology, use the latest apps, and navigate the internet effectively to find tools that keep them cognitively and socially engaged.

Raul isn’t just looking out for the basics of home health care he wants his clients to have all-around health and well-being even when his caregivers aren’t in the house. Through his GetSetUp bundle subscription, clients can customize their learning around their interests, and remain active throughout the week.

Learn More About Live Online Classes for Seniors

Are you looking for education opportunities for seniors by seniors for your home care or assisted care facility? Then reach out to Co-Founder Lawrence at GetSetUp to learn more about how GetSetUp can help educate older adults through self-paced live digital adoption classes. Provide the tools for your older adults to be socially engaged when you are not able to be with them.


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