Got some free time? Want to learn a new skill? Head to GetSetUp!

GetSetUp News Oct 19, 2020

GetSetUp is now offering live classes that learners can join without signing up ahead of time. Classes that are In Session are going on at that moment, and learners can drop in. Classes that will be starting soon learners can click Join to sign up for on the spot. They then get log in instructions in an email 15 minutes before the class starts. Our partner learners and GetSetUp members have access to these classes — no pre-planning necessary. (Though of course, if you like to plan, you can still schedule regular planned classes).

Classes are happening 8–10 hours a day during the weekdays. Plus we are moving toward having classes going at all times so you can always join a class, meet new people, and learn something new!

What makes "In Session" classes great?

Drop in a class when you have free time — when the mood strikes you to learn or to meet some new people.

  1. Drop in without scheduling
  2. Find a class in your free time
  3. See and Get In classes on a whim
  4. Enjoy more classes
  5. Meet new people
  6. Learn new skills

How do you find a class?

  1. Go to the GetSetUp homepage to enroll for free Explorer membership to get started! Or go to your GetSetUp partner page if you are associated with one of our partners like AgeSmart or the YMCA.

2. See the In Session classes running then.

3. Click Get In for classes going on now. Or Join for classes starting soon.

4. Enter your name and email address

5. Click Launch and You are in! You can start enjoying and learning right away.

Learn something new in a Simple, Easy, and Hassle-free way.

Make new friends then keep coming back to see them in new classes or shared social sessions of similar interests like the Book Club or Meditating Together.

We look forward to having you join other learners like yourself in a GetSetUp class or social hour here soon!


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