GetSetUp Tech Support Is Here To Help!

GetSetUp News Oct 29, 2020

We know that it can be a struggle to learn how to master the tools to attend virtual classes. That’s why GetSetUp offers a variety of options to support our learners.

First we encourage learners to take our New Member Orientation. This is a great introduction to GetSetUp and helps show learners how to navigate the website. The sessions are live so you can ask questions and learn from your fellow participants’ questions.

Sign up for a session:

Learners who are struggling can seek additional help through the following 4 channel:

  1. GetSetup Help Page which offers a variety of tools and resources.
  1. Email us at
  1. Call Us to help with your issue at:

US: 1-(888)-559-1614

India: +91 93214 43649

If none of those work you can schedule a 1-1 Video Support Call  session over Zoom to help troubleshoot device specific issues that may prevent you from enjoying a GetSetUp class.

This session covers:

  • Assessment of technical issue
  • Troubleshoot the issue within 1:1 session covering topics like
  • How to get into a class
  • How to mute or unmute yourself
  • How to turn your camera on and off
  • How to adjust your name in the class
  • If it cannot be solved within the session time slot, there will be further instructions to follow for after the session

We don’t want a learner to feel stuck before they get started!

Therefore, we offer a variety of options to help learners get connected and join peers in a class of  choice. Please just reach out to us if you are facing any difficulties.

Our technical learner support team is standing by to assist you!


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