GetSetup Offers Education on Medicare for Users

Life-Long Learning Jun 24, 2020

Healthcare is an expensive and essential expense to ensure health and quality of life.

The Health Care Cost and Utilization Report (HCCUR) annual report found that healthcare spending was highest between the ages of 55–64 and generally only increased with age. What does that mean in dollar amounts? Annually those over 55 spend on average $10,688+ depending on varying health factors. That’s a lot of money if you are on a fixed income!

That’s why made its mission to help consumers make better healthcare decisions. They are an online healthcare company focused on improving how consumers shop for and enroll in health insurance coverage. In order to do that they want to empower individuals, families, and small businesses by providing information and recommendations. They do this by customizing coverage to each client’s personal needs and helping consumers find, compare, and buy insurance that best fits their needs in the simplest way possible.

They are upping their game in the customer service area by providing free informational Medicare education to users through their partnership with GetSetUp.

Medicare is overwhelming for most people there are various parts (A, B, C, D), and many people feel intimidated by the complexity of the options and are unsure how to accurately assess their options. That’s where GetSetUp comes in! GetSetUp is providing an education option to help users feel confident and ready to make the right choice for them when it comes to Medicare.

Users who are starting to research their Medicare options as they turn 65 or older or who may want to change Advantage plans come to Now they can take advantage of classes that help them understand a bit more about the process.

Classes are live and interactive so participants can ask questions!

GetSetUp is not an agent, nor do they sell or recommend any policies or providers. They are merely educators that help to teach older adults the basics of the system and where to go to find answers, navigate the systems, and learn essential information that may save them costs, stress, or additional problems.

GetSetUp’s classes focus on teaching older adults how to find the information they need and help to guide their research. Classes are live and interactive with peers and act as an additional Medicare education resource for visitors. doesn’t want users to feel pressured into making coverage purchases without first feeling confident and comfortable that they understand their options and the plans that work best for their needs. That’s why GetSetUp is there to help facilitate this learning process and to ensure visitors get their questions answered in a timely fun and interactive way.

Do you have healthcare or medicare questions? Why not check out the resources on and sign up for an Introduction to Medicare course today!


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