GetSetUp Lands In India

Nov 06, 2020

GetSetUp is excited to announce our launch in India!

GetSetUp started toward the end of 2019 with the idea to focus on helping older adults learn technology skills. When COVID-19 hit, this quickly shifted to a number of skills to help people stay healthy and safe at home, from getting groceries delivered to learning how to find exercise activities online. However, our community craved more and we listened.

Initially, focused on education since learning provides healthy benefits for the mind, body, and soul throughout life, GetSetUp sought to provide older adults with learning and socialization opportunities. We reached out and asked our communities what they wanted to learn. So we added classes not just on technology but also on photography and meditation.

GetSetUp co-founder, Neil Dsouza, an Indian born and raised native and his Canadian co-founder Lawrence Kosick, saw India as the next step of their launching process. Neil realized how much his parents and the other older adults he loved in India would enjoy GetSetUp and started to collaborate with a growing team of India-based collaborators to make GetSetup India a reality!

GetSetUp is looking to make the world a better place for older adults to continue learning as they age. We do this in a variety of ways!

6 Ways We Make The World Better

  1. We provide economic opportunities for older workers who are often overlooked or face ageism in hiring processes. Older workers have the opportunity to apply and become guides on GetSetUp.
  2. We provide digital training and adoption for older adults to teach them skills like Zoom and other technology so they can stay connected virtually.
  3. We create a community for older adults who may face social isolation or mobility issues as they continue to come back to classes, make friends, and share learning with their peers.
  4. We provide a safe, fun, live, and interactive way for older adults to interact with their peers right from their homes!
  5. We provide learning opportunities for older adults to help prevent cognitive decline and allow them to follow their dreams!
  6. We provide a place for older adults to teach and share their skills and knowledge with peers.

Come join a GetSetUp class today and see why our community is helping learners to live healthier, happier and more connected lives!


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