GetSetUp Is Helping Older Adults Understand and Navigate Local Covid-19 Vaccine Procedures

GetSetUp News Feb 01, 2021

The fact that vaccines have become available at record speed is great news. However, here at GetSetUp – an organization whose mission is to help older adults learn new skills and live healthier lives – we are extremely concerned about how older adults are experiencing the vaccine rollout. The process to get information and book an appointment has been confusing and painstakingly slow at best, and life threatening at worst.

We are taking action. GetSetup is a platform and community where older adults join live, interactive classes to learn new skills taught by their peers. Millions of learning moments have already improved the lives of older adults. We are activating this same platform to ensure older adults get the help they need to learn about and schedule their vaccines.

GetSetUp is offering live online Covid-19 vaccine information sessions to ensure older adults know where to go for information, know how to navigate their state or county’s process for scheduling a vaccine, and have some of their questions answered.

Live COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Discussion Sessions

We are working closely with local government agencies, nonprofits and GetSetUp local community members to help older adults get area specific, up to date information to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Sessions are free 30-60 minute informational sessions where we:

  1. Review local vaccine procedures and steps
  2. Provide walkthrough of vaccine scheduling websites and forms
  3. Demonstrate how to book a vaccine appointment
  4. Answer questions and hear locals share their experiences

Our first COVID-19 vaccine class was held on January 25th with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. GetSetUp has been working with MDHHS since November to offer free technology and enrichment classes to all Michigan seniors to help battle loneliness and provide social connection.

Since January 25th, GetSetUp has held live online sessions across five Michigan counties, and has expanded into 40 additional states. In these sessions information is shared on the status of vaccine distribution, who is currently eligible for a vaccine, where to get the latest information, and how to schedule a vaccine appointment. A lively discussion follows the presentation where questions are answered and community members share their own experiences.

To see what sessions are coming up, search by State on our Vaccine Class Page: If we don’t have a session in your area, please check back soon. New sessions are being added every day.

Book a Vaccine Info Session

You can view past sessions on our Facebook Live page, including sessions for:

Partner with GetSetUp to Support Older Adults

GetSetUp is hosting vaccine information sessions with local health and community agencies.  If you support an older adult population, GetSetUp can help you set up an information session for your community. Contact us at:

A GetSetUp Community Effort

The GetSetUp community is stepping up to support each other and ensure everyone has access to vital vaccine information. Many members have signed up to volunteer to help facilitate information sessions and share their own experiences with the vaccine process.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact Molly McCreary, GetSetUp’s Community Acquisitions Manager,  at:

One such volunteer, Diantha, joined her Oakland County, Michigan information session to share her experience with her local community.

“I think we should all applaud GetSetUp’s initiative of offering vaccine information sessions. This is another fine way to make accurate information accessible, especially as not everyone is comfortable finding information online. With all the confusion there has been, it's a big plus if people can find reliable, trustworthy answers to their questions not just on paper or online, but from people they can see and hear, and with whom they can interact. It seems to me there is really a need for this. Also, it allows them to hear both from health experts and from people who have experienced the vaccination process first hand.”

Help the older adults you know get access to the vaccine information they need. Ask your local health department to offer free information sessions on GetSetUp or help others join. Older adults don’t have to live in vaccine uncertainty, GetSetUp is here to help them get the information they need!

Book a Vaccine Info Session


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