GetSetUp is growing its community with Senior Social Hours for Older Adults

Life-Long Learning Jul 21, 2020

GetSetUp recognizes that taking one class doesn’t always provide learners with the opportunities they need to practice. In an effort to fight social isolation and loneliness, GetSetUp is ramping up its community activities.

For our community at large and any member of the community, we are offering FREE Social Hours for older adults. These social hours focus on a wide range of activities where participants join to share their own experiences and listen to those of others. These fun discussions offer a time for the GetSetUp Community to grow, share, and spend time together via virtual online video chat sessions.

Senior social hours are hosted by volunteers around the topics of their choosing. Would you like to host a Senior Social Hour? Email to learn more!

Why is Community Important?

According to research by the University of California, Berkeley, “Few topics are more important to health than community development. At first, this assertion seems a wild exaggeration when considered in relation to other important contributors to health, such as high-quality medical care, healthy behavior, and good genetic stock. However, substantial evidence reveals that environmental and community forces also are important determinants of health.” It is no longer enough to just focus on physical health we need to ensure that social health is attended to and this is best done through one’s community.

Not everyone has access to lots of local communities in areas of their interest that is why GetSetUp is creating a GetSetUp community for everyone to participate in virtually. Through these social hours, we plan to foster positive environments to create a social safety net to help our community thrive. These social hours are times for friendly conversations on issues of mutual interest where great tips, tricks, and ideas can be exchanged!

Learning is a lifelong process and it is not just done in the classroom. Learning also comes from peers and other members of society that help us to grow through live fluid discussions on a variety of topics.

Be A Part of the Community

Come join one (or more) of our Senior Social Hours focused on topics you love to learn about from food to photos or travel.

Have a great idea for a Senior Social Hour but don’t see it listed? No worries. Why not suggest it to us and we can see if we can make it happen in the future. To suggest a Senior Social Hour please complete this form.


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