GetSetUp Creates Regular Community Togetherness By Highlighting Jewels Of The Community

GetSetUp News Apr 12, 2021

The GetSetUp community is full of interesting people that everyone can learn from. That’s why Jewels of the Community was formed. This is a place to really come and see the Jewels that make up the amazing GetSetUp Community and remember that our community learners have just as many insights to share as our Guides!

Are you the type of person that loves to learn life lessons through others’ stories? If so Jewels of Our Community really highlights these stories. During these sessions, community members share stories full of honesty and insights gained from one or more of their adventures throughout life.

See Our  Jewels Of The Community Shine!

Jewels of Our Community

Allows members to get to know other members of the GetSetUp community as they share their own unique perspective of how to live well as an older adult. Plus the session highlights individuals who have provided services to improve the lives of older adults.

So if you are intrigued to learn more about the members of the community that you see in different GetSetUp classes, social events, and interest groups this is the place to go.

Come hear our Jewels of Our Community

Taste Of A Jewel

Each week a different member of the community shares a story. Rose Saulsby came in to share some of the beautiful lessons in being loved she learned from her husband prior to his passing. From the beauty of writing letters to each other to the importance of making sure they knew they loved each other in the good and bad times, there is a lesson in love for all of us to take away. The open honesty of these lessons allows a moment for us each to reflect on love in our own lives. Perhaps even get motivated to write a letter to someone we love.  

“I feel most at home with my friends in Good Morning America with Norman and here with all of you,” said Rose at the end of her presentation.

Our past and upcoming schedule for Jewels Of The Community  include:

Thurs., March 25 - Rose Saulsby

Wed., March 31 - Carolyn Fowler

Thurs., April 8 - Mary Ellen Ziegler

Wed., April 14 - Dick Hewitt

Join our next Jewels Of The Community session to hear from Dick Hewitt. These great sessions where learners share life stories or even consider sharing yourself.

Come hear our Jewels of Our Community


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