GetSetUp Ambassador Program

Ambassadors Mar 18, 2021

GetSetUp Ambassadors are the heart and soul of the GetSetUp Community. They are learners who are really passionate about learning and helping to foster and grow our community. They are not passive learners but are hosting interest groups, helping share their stories, and so much more to assure our amazing community continues to grow and thrive!  They foster good relationships, goodwill, and a welcoming environment for all learners.

What is it?

GetSetUp Ambassadors are members that go the extra mile to help our community thrive. In turn, we go to extra lengths to make sure they get fun perks and learner benefits. Ambassadors take or host classes monthly and participate in a variety of ways.

Who is eligible?

Any member of our community is eligible who has taken more than 5 classes and is passionate about the GetSetUp community and wants to do one or more additional outreach activities.

Why join?

This is a great opportunity to share the GetSetUp community with others who will enjoy learning and thriving in a supportive community of peers. By joining this community, you are committing to taking or hosting at least 2 classes/month and participating in any outreach activities that best meet your personal style and interests.

Program Benefits

  • Attend Ambassador Social Hours to learn the latest news about GetSetUp, have fun and meet other ambassadors around the country.
  • Enjoy GetSetUp freebies like t-shirts and hats.
  • Have direct contact with the GetSetUp team to provide suggestions and feedback on how to improve the Learner experience.
  • Host interest groups and share something you are passionate about from language, to art, to cooking tips in weekly or biweekly sessions.
  • Become a Guide and be one of our amazing online instructors dedicating 15 hours or more to Guiding learners to reach their learning objectives.
  • Insight about job opportunities like becoming a Guide or Learner Support Specialist. Note, being an Ambassador does not guarantee being hired.

How can you participate?

There are many ways to participate as an Ambassador in our GetSetUp community.  You can help with outreach and hosting fun events, or by taking a more serious active role as a GetSetUp employee. You can pick from one or more of these powerful ways to help positively impact the GetSetUp community.

Register for the Ambassador Program


  • Lead an Interest Group: Lead a topic of your choice. Our interest group leaders host discussions 1 hr weekly or biweekly on a topic of their choice. If you are interested in this option please email Norman Reiss.
  • Share Your Experiences: We want to highlight members of our community who have great stories to tell. You can share your experiences in Jewels of Our Community or Good Morning America with Norman.  If you are interested in this option please email Norman Reiss.
  • Product Insight Feedback: These learners give feedback on new features and help us test the site to identify bugs and make our site better every day. If you are interested in this option please email Liz Miller.
  • Learner Insights: Share your stories to help empower others through blogs, social media posts, and helping with surveys, feedback, and press. If you are interested in this option please email Liz Miller.
  • Speaker Outreach: Help us to find great guest speaker volunteers by connecting us with inspiring speakers that you know and stories you think our community could use. If you are interested in this option please email Norman Reiss

We Love When We Can Hire From Our Community

We love to hire from our community when possible. We are regularly hiring for:

  • Part-Time Guide Positions: Teach ongoing classes with a commitment of 15+ hours a week.
  • Support Specialists:  Provide learner support to assist learners with questions and technical issues. There are both part-time and full-time positions available here.
  • Other Jobs: Check out the other full-time and part-time positions available

Do you have a skill or idea on other ways to help improve the community as a GetSetUp Ambassador? We would love to hear it! Please join our next Ambassador Social Hour.

Register for the next Social Hour - Ambassador Program


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