Gayla Is Attracting Positivity To GetSetUp

Ambassadors Jul 08, 2021

Gayla first heard about GetSetUp through word of mouth last October. She was in an AARP class since she was going to retire soon. A local of Tucson, Arizona, she was considering reinventing herself. She wanted to plan what she wanted to do next.

“One of the participants of that event mentioned they take these great interactive classes on GetSetUp, so I went to check it out the next day. I’ve been here ever since.”

Gayla finds that GetSetUp stands apart because it nurtures its community. Gayla is part of that nurture by hosting two interest groups: Interest Group: Law of Attraction and Interest Group: Kitchen Tech.

“I love the interest groups. The thing about them is you can do it over and over and they are different every time. I’ve shown up to every plant based eating group there is! There’s a whole lot of information there and different people share different ways to cook. We all share stories too so there is lots of learning going on.”

Gayla sees some of the interest groups as really starting to gel with a good core group. Plus she feels that Norman does a fantastic job organizing the groups.

“He’s really easy to work with and he has certainly been supportive.”

Gayla describes herself as self-motivated and self-driven so she really looks forward to seeing the people in her groups each week. When she’s not leading an interest group she enjoys taking Kristine’s journaling for mindfulness class. She’s also taken a couple of tech classes.

“I’ve certainly learned more about Zoom than I ever thought I would. My family had used Zoom once a week to get together prior to the pandemic but there was more to learn when that was the only means of communication.”

Community Volunteering

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Gayla’s husband runs an improv theater where she often volunteers her time helping with social media and graphics. Her husband, Chris teaches improv on GetSetUp too!

“Improv changes lives. It helps people to develop confidence. It’s not about comedians as many people think, but rather about learning to be a good public speaker. It’s a great way to get confidence and get a little outside of your comfort zone.”

Improv classes aren’t just fun but a good way to help rewire the brain for those who are at risk for dementia and need to create new neuron routes.

Gayla decided to take her volunteering one step farther by hosting the interest group on the Law of Attraction. While a few people have been confused, the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with dating.

“It’s not something that most people could talk about but it is near and dear to my heart. It changed the direction of my life completely and the concept is based on the book and movie The Secret.”

Gayla was a single mom living paycheck to paycheck as a teacher with no child support. It was a job she loved, but had no room for upward movement that became a difficult place to work with a new administration.

She attended a seminar on the Law of Attraction by Mike Dooley which taught her that by visualization and affirmations you can have the life you want. So with the world as her oyster, Gayla followed these ideas to have a great job and later retire from 14 years with the federal government.

“I made it happen! If you think broke, tired, and stupid, then that is what you will be. I stopped having a negative mindset."

You too can check out this interest group led by Gayla to learn more.

Interest Group: Law of Attraction

Interest Group: Law of Attraction
Live class on Interest Group: Law of Attraction
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Interest Group: Law of Attraction

Gayla enjoys this group as she feels it goes well with mediation and yoga classes she enjoys. Since she has taught tech for the last few years it’s nice for her to have a break. Though she saw a real need to teach people how to use those kitchen tools like Instant Pots and air fryers in their kitchen, which was a natural extension from the plant based eating groups she’s been enjoying.

Learn to use your tech in the Interest Group: Kitchen Tech.

Interest Group: Kitchen Tech
Live class on Interest Group: Kitchen Tech
Learn new skills and meet new friends in Interest Group: Kitchen Tech
“We all grew up learning to eat meat and cook it. What do you do with veggies? People in other groups mentioned having an instant pot still in the box. I figured it was time to make a group to learn how to use some of these tools to cook veggies and other things at home!”

She wants to show the women and men in these groups not to be scared to push the buttons on these devices and just get started.

“I’m 66 but I don’t feel that age. Some people on GetSetUp are 20+ years my senior. I love the fact I feel safe on GetSetUp and I want people in my groups to feel that way too. It’s a powerful sense of community. Plus the ethos are really great. If they weren’t I wouldn’t be here.”

For many people during the pandemic GetSetUp has been their main contact with the outside world, but whether there is a pandemic or not it's a great place to come and meet new people.

Meet Great New People
GetSetUp: Live classes for older adults
GetSetUp is an online community of people who want to learn new skills, connect with others and unlock new life experiences.


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