Find Your Guide: Spotlight On Glenda

Jan 12, 2021
Guide Glenda teaches a number of technology and health & well-being classes on GetSetUp. 

Glenda truly embodies life-long learning. She went back to school after 50 to get her Masters in Education. Prior to that, she had used her undergraduate degree in Business to work in consulting and technology, but she realized she ended up training and helping people more often. So, she shifted to online education. She felt the flexibility of online meant she would have at least another 20 some years of work if she wanted.

Glenda first connected with GetSetUp through a job advertisement she saw for Guides in an email.

“I was already teaching online and I thought I can do that! Plus it sounds like fun! I thought it would be nice to teach other older adults.”

Glenda loves teaching others to learn. She thinks learning is a particularly important skill for the senior demographic because it gives them the opportunity to explore something new.

“I am considered a senior myself even though I’m at the younger end of senior.  So it is really interesting and exciting to be working for GetSetup. Not only do I get to play a part in maybe helping someone that is 10 or even 20 years older than me, but I also get to keep on learning new things. So it's a win-win situation.”
Glenda has this great view of the beach just 5 minutes from her house! 

This Year Brings New Movement Classes From Glenda

This year Glenda is trying to bring more movement to GetSetUp learners. She wants learners to get up and out of their seats and so she is teaching Social Hour: Dancing to African and Caribbean Music and Social Hour: Dancing to the Music of the 1960s and 1970s.

“It's wonderful for people to move and dance!”

She thinks that all learners can get up and move to improve balance and get some exercise even if they have some limitations. To stay fit herself, Glenda practices yoga between classes. Yoga involves a lot of meditation as well so it is no surprise that Glenda also teaches courses on meditation.

“I encourage learners to participate in the classes. It’s most rewarding when someone who never meditated before comes to class and after class they were able to feel a deep sense of peace or a beautiful picture in their mind’s eye that they hadn’t experienced before. Normally it is just that first step of getting people to see the power of meditation that helps them to take the next steps to do it on their own.”
Glenda's cat MayMay might make a guest appearance in classes just for fun! 

Participants Have More Fun!

Participation doesn’t come easy of course to everyone for every class. But that’s why she loves her new dance classes. She thought it was just great to see everyone up and dancing together!

“I find that technical learners tend to participate and try things out, usually they are less passive observers. Learners should be ready to participate in my wellness and tech classes. That’s how they will enjoy them most!”

Glenda truly believes learning is ongoing. She loves meeting other learners who

“aren’t afraid to try something new and believe that learning never stops. People who have decided in their lives they will continue to learn and be curious.”

Glenda’s patience for learners who are hesitant to try that first step is likely why she has new learners and returning learners to many of her classes.

Glenda has taught a lot of classes from Using Your iPad to meditation and healing classes. This year she wants to expand with the dance classes and has enjoyed teaching Goal Visualizations.

Glenda strives to “create an online classroom experience where people feel connected and participating even if the class is large.”

She continues to learn regularly, and with the input of learners how she can create valuable experiences for everyone across multiple devices.

“I love learning and teaching. I have so many things that I want to do. I want to learn how to play African drums, some tech things like Adobe Creative Cloud, how to further develop my online classes skills, more about yoga and different ways to make yoga accessible to everyone like chair yoga.”

Glenda doesn’t have any plans to stop learning, will you be joining her in a class soon?

To learn more about the latest yoga technique, African dance, and her passion for technology you will have to attend the next time she hosts Get to Know Your Guide. Our next social hour will feature another one of our amazing GetSetUp Guides, Scott.

Come find out a little bit more about the Guides leading your classes in these fun social hours!


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