Find Your Guide: Spotlight On Deb

Dec 07, 2020
Guide Deb with her husband on a nature hike. 

Deb found GetSetUp just as the Covid-19 pandemic was shutting down schools and dramatically limiting everyone’s activities.  She’d been working on a career pivot - preparing to narrow her organizational development consulting and training business to a niche in leadership coaching when the pandemic hit and everyone’s focus shifted to crisis management. When she saw an article about GetSetUp and its need for Guides to help teachers who were shifting to teaching remotely, she immediately applied feeling that she could play a helpful role during a difficult time:

“I was hungry to do something and felt so confined by the circumstances of the pandemic. It felt like divine providence when I read the article about GetSetUp’s need for guides.  I didn’t have any online teaching experience but instead of immediately counting myself out, I submitted my resume within a day.  Within weeks, I was in training and preparing for my first class - teaching Google Classrooms to teachers.”

Inspiration Through Learning and Teaching

Deb finds inspiration in learning and exploring new things and it shows in her life’s path.  Recently, she unearthed a long forgotten vocational interest survey she had taken in 10th grade.  Agriculture, Art, Training, Teaching and Counseling were her highest interests. From today’s vantage point, she sees how each of these interests have been woven into the fabric of her life through career, volunteer work, or hobbies.

Deb loves to work with plants and takes the time to have a raised garden in their yard with vegetables and herbs along with many flowers that she cares for. 
“I follow my instincts and learn for the love of a subject without necessarily having an endgame in mind.  It’s been interesting to see how that has played out in my later career choices, volunteer experiences, activities and hobbies. Learning new things is what keeps me excited about life.  So many of those things I explore just for the joy of learning them are coming out in what I am bringing to GetSetUp”

Though most of these interests (and many more) have been playing out for many years and in many ways art has only recently found its way back into her life with the help of an especially talented friend who has taught her how to make glass mosaics, stained glass windows, beaded jewelry and more.

“Sometimes those people come into your life at just the right time to walk with you on the next part of your path.”

She is excited that GetSetUp is becoming that “especially talented friend” to thousands of seniors who share her love of learning about any number of different topics and is thrilled that she can add to others’ knowledge and skills.  She likes that she is walking life’s path with others as they explore their interests.  The interaction and the relationships that are forming make this learning community an unexpected bonus during this time of sheltering in place.

“We learn together in these classes.  We laugh. We have fun. I want people who come to my classes to feel like they’re sitting in my living room, that we’re talking and learning together.  I feel a class is a success when participants feel comfortable enough to chime in with questions, ideas, or stories.”

She is regularly inspired by people in her classes:

“In a Thanksgiving Social Hour, Kathy said that despite being alone this Thanksgiving, she was going to make a turkey with all the trimmings for herself because she was worth it.  She inspired me to do the same for just the two of us.”

It’s hard to pick a class Deb enjoys the most but, in general, it’s those that make participants say, whether it’s a new recipe, a new skill, or a new app,

“Wow! I can’t wait to try that!”

Deb is also participating in some holiday special classes like Baking Cookies to Enjoy and Gift!

A sneak peak at some of the holiday cookies that Deb prepares prior to teaching her Baking Cookies for the Holidays class! 

She appreciates the contact with people from all over, especially when they turn on their cameras and interact. She likes the smaller group conversations that surge out of these interactive classes.

“Everyone comes with a different reason and goal to be there. If it is just to be social that’s fine, or if it is to learn a particular skill, or walk away with a new recipe those are all important skills!”

So if you want to learn even more about Deb, from how cats just find her to how to make Kombucha you will just have to attend the next Get to Know Your Guide session she hosts.

Our next social hour will feature another one of our amazing GetSetUp Guides! Come find out a little bit more about the Guides leading your classes in these fun social hours!


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