Felice Brings Her Social Insights And Creativity As An Ambassador To The GetSetUp Community

Ambassadors Apr 06, 2021
Felice enjoys a class on doodling to destress

Felice is passionate about learning and loves being amongst fellow learners on GetSetUp.

“If it wasn’t for a virtual platform like this I wouldn’t be able to take the pleather of classes I have taken. I would have to drive to various locations and there would be a lot of scheduling conflicts. On GetSetUp I can take 3-4 classes in one day and that could never happen with live sessions. With a click of a button, I can spend several hours in various classes. In my hometown, if I missed a class, I would have to wait about a month before it was scheduled again. There would just be too many things to juggle. With GetSetUp it is so doable.”

Felicia had been used to university-style lectures and special events at AARP.  She first heard about us in an email from them and was intrigued by GetSetUp’s interactive learning format and started researching our course offerings.

Being that she used to take yoga and other classes at the YMCA before the pandemic, she was curious about our Qigong class:

“I thought this class looked interesting and signed up. Then I saw another class and another. Before I knew it I was taking almost 20 classes per week. I was booked back to back, and that’s when I got hooked!”

Being a person who enjoys learning, Felice was looking to enhance her skill sets, as well as find an outlet for her energy and time. With the pandemic, it was challenging finding volunteer opportunities of interest, and her job as a substitute teacher was no longer occupying her time.

“At the onset of the pandemic, I was asked to teach virtually and was thrust into using Google Docs without much prior experience. So, I started taking online classes offered by the library as a crash course.”

Her library classes were great since they were live, but often she was the only student in the class. This was great for 1-1 interaction but as a naturally social person, she was looking to learn in a group setting. Now thanks to the availability of interactive, real-time classes, and a wide variety of learning topics, GetSetUp is the primary community with which Felice spends her time learning and participating.

Ready For Growth And Opportunity

Felice prepares her to launch her next GetSetUp class. 

Felice has worked as a teacher for many years helping students in grades Pre-k -12, those who are hospital/homebound, adults with disabilities, as an adjunct teacher, and substitute. She has also volunteered with several organizations. Now she is ready to find a new challenge for herself where she can put her creativity to work.

“When you get to a certain age you are put out to pasture in the US. I don’t define myself by age. I have more stuff I want to do. I need growth and opportunity.”

Felice gets excited about things she is passionate about. She has taken on the role of GetSetUp Ambassador and is sharing new ideas and insights to make the community better.

“I’m high on life. I like to ‘pay it forward. If I have a great experience and I think it can be useful to someone else I like to pass it on so others can experience it too!”

Felice’s hunger to explore different things and her holistic nature means that she has enjoyed classes on a variety of topics. She enjoys classes that stimulate both mind and body holistically and tries to incorporate them throughout her daily routine. Her initial schedule involved Qigong, then yoga, and morning exercise classes. She attends them daily when offered and mixes it in with her own low-impact exercises and outdoor walks.

“Honestly I love all the GetSetUp classes. Everything I learn whether it’s something new I’m learning or something I’m revisiting, I get different perspectives from different Guides and different learners who come into the class. This is just wonderful!”

The world is evolving and people want to try different things. This offers people more and more opportunities to learn something new. Even after she’s able to get the vaccine, Felice doesn’t plan to go out as much as she did before the pandemic, yet she continues to have a thirst for knowledge.

“You don’t know what the future holds but I think there will always be a future for GetSetUp because it warms my heart to know there is always something that I can learn. I love nurturing that hunger for knowledge.”

Now Felice is hosting Wine Down with Felice

So bring your drink of choice to this relaxing end of the day open conversation where you can talk, enjoy each other's company, and most of all have FUN!

Join Wine Down with Felice

Join Felice to attend fun live classes with peers on GetSetUp to see what new ideas and skills you can learn and explore!

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