Exercise your Face with Guest Speaker Annelise Hagen’s Yoga Face Workshop!

Guest Speakers Apr 23, 2021

Most people have heard of yoga for their body, but face yoga is an up and coming trend. Did you know that you can do basic facial workouts to help reduce signs of facial aging?

Annelise Hagen has been a yoga teacher for a number of years. When she turned 36, she realized that her face was showing more signs of aging than her body.

“Then it hit me: if yoga could tone and strengthen the muscles of my body and make me feel youthful, why couldn't it be targeted to the face?”

Annelise began to research face yoga and combined it with her existing knowledge on yoga, facial relaxation, acupressure, and exercise.

She used that knowledge to create her face yoga classes focused on exercising facial muscles, reinvigorates them, and even stimulates collagen production for renewed resilience and lift. Based on her research she wrote a book as well: The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift. Now her mission is to remind students that people are ageless, both inside and out.

Annelise is bringing her mission to GetSetUp with a Yoga Face Workshop. During this great session, our learners will learn a basic facial workout that incorporates exercises proven to reduce signs of facial aging by at least five years as cited in the Northwestern University study. The workshop will look at mindfulness techniques that induce relaxation and therapeutic benefits for facial tension. Other facial and head issues such as MJ, Bell's Palsy, brain health, and jaw grinding will be addressed. Plus learners will learn how to feel good in your face.

Join Annelise Tuesday, April 27 for this special one time workshop to learn more and experience the Yoga Face Workshop!

Guest Speaker: The Yoga Face Workshop with Annelise Hagen

Annelise created the landmark facial yoga workshop, the Yoga Face, in 2005. It launched a facial wellness revolution and spawned a bestselling book (The Yoga Face, Avery Press, 2007), garnering interviews on the Today Show, Rachael Ray, Live with Kelly, Good Morning America, Dr. Manny, Yoga Sutra today, and articles and stories from the New York Times to Time magazine, New York, Self, and O magazine, and many others. Annelise combined her training as an actor with her yoga teaching skills to create an effective, safe and fun way to apply yoga's rejuvenating power to the face.

So join this workshop with a clean face and hands and some comfy clothes you can move in. Plus to make sure your face is spot on, bring a mirror to see your own face mirroring these great exercises.

Guest Speaker: The Yoga Face Workshop with Annelise Hagen


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