Community-Driven Classes Have Arrived at GetSetUp!

GetSetUp News Jul 27, 2020

GetSetUp is launching community-driven classes! That means members of the GetSetUp community have submitted their class ideas and passed the GetSetUp evaluation process that includes a test class to have their classes approved for the GetSetUp community at large. These new Community-Driven Guides come with a variety of expertise and past learners may recognize some familiar faces as GetSetUp Guides come to teach their passion in a new class.

Community-Driven Classes allow us to offer learners a wider variety of classes from a number of talented members in the community. We still offer our same great classes and have new ones coming on the way, but why not check out a Community-Driven class and let us know what you think?

What Community-Driven Classes are Available?

There are classes to meet everyone’s interests! Our initial Community-Driven classes are the following, but we will be adding more regularly so keep checking back!

  1. Jackie Wolfe — VIEW CLASS: Discover your Strengths and Talents at 50

Jackie works with the University of Washington and other organizations to specialize in helping the 50+ crowd discover or rethink about their strengths and talents so they can utilize them for promotions, to start a new job, or pursue a hobby. This class is a fun interactive class that will benefit people going through transitions be that in their life, with the pandemic or their career. It calls on people to reflect and re-identify what they love so they can incorporate that into their lives at a new level.

2. Glenda Springer — VIEW CLASS: Stress Management Techniques

Glenda is a life-long educator for universities and in a variety of forms. To help her manage her teaching schedule she is passionate about spiritual and mental well-being. As an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, she knows their benefits for stress management. This class will introduce learners to ways to use meditation to help manage their stress. Learners will come away understanding the benefits of meditation and some simple forms of meditation that they can continue to practice at home to manage anxiety and help them remain calm.

3. Marge Draeger — VIEW CLASS: Using Google Photos to create and share online albums

Marge knows all about computers with a degree in computer programming, but these days she uses the internet to keep connected to her grandkids despite the distance. That means she knows the importance of organizing and saving those important photos that these days are staying more and more digital. Marge will teach learners how to use Google Photos to create albums, save photos, share them with friends and family. Learners should come to learn how Google Photos can help them organize the moments of their lives they treasure.

4. Kevin Miller — VIEW CLASS: How to use your iPhone to make you smart

Kevin created BestU to provide life skills training, practical work experience, and personalized coaching. He is bringing a class to learners to show them how to get the most out of their iPhones. Users have these smartphones that are supposed to be smart, but people need to learn to use them the right way. Learners should come to learn how their iPhones can make them more productive and knowledgeable.

5. Cyndi McCauley — VIEW CLASS: Radiology for Beginners

Cyndi has worked as a registered radiologist and educator since the 80s. Radiology for beginners will help learners to prepare for their radiology exams and understand the basics of radiology. The goal is to make those heading in for a radiology exam feel more comfortable and educated on the exam beforehand. Learners can come and get their questions answered (though this is NOT a medical reading of exams) so they can go to their exam with confidence.

6. Jennifer T. Kimball — VIEW CLASS: Dementia for Caregivers

Jennifer has worked in the healthcare field since the 80s and for the last decade specializing in gerontology. Her class is specifically for caregivers to learn some tips and tricks to finding gratitude in day to day life and facilitating a partner relationship in caregiving for a loved one with dementia. This is a great opportunity for caregivers to learn new tips and tricks and get their personal questions answered in a realistic fashion with potential new ideas to facilitate caregiving.

7. Scott SleekVIEW CLASS: How to Take Great Pictures With Your iPhone

Scott has been taking photographs for over twenty years using it not just as a hobby of his but also in his work. Learn with him how to make the most of your mobile devices to build libraries of artistic photography, beautiful portraits, or candid photos of loved ones. The iPhone is the only camera you need these days, and Scott can show you how to use yours for great photography!

These are just our first community classes that are coming online, but we have new and exciting classes in the pipeline. Try one of our Community-Driven Guide led classes by experts in their field for a new GetSetUp experience and keep checking back for more!

Got a great idea for a class you’d like to see? Email it to us at


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