Bringing More Fun to the Digital Classroom Experience with GetSetUp’s New Tool

GetSetUp News Jul 31, 2020

GetSetUp has a brand new learning experience! We are doing all that we can to make learning fun and engaging for our users. Now you can join with just the click of the button.

You can hop in classes just by clicking the ‘Join’ button.

Once inside the virtual classroom users have lots of great new tools and activities to interact with.

During Class

  1. Class Outline — On the left side users can find a class outline for participants to follow as the Guide covers the material.
  2. Live and Interactive — You can interact with our Guides using chatbox and a video, which makes the classes fun and interactive.
  3. ‘Aha’ — Participants can click on the icon on the top left “Aha” to show they learned something new.
“Aha!” Let’s your Guide know you figured it out!
  1. Self-pacing — Learners can interact with the cards on the left side to indicate if they know that topic or want the Guide to skip and move to the next. (This feature is only available in 1–1 classes.)

Post Class

  1. Feedback — Right after class participants can give feedback on their class and guide.
  2. Notes and Videos — Everyone gets special notes from Guides after their class along with their class video, if they opt for it.

Our classes have gotten a whole new look, a fun new vibe, and a lot more life!

Come check out a class on a topic of your interest and let us know what you think of our new platform.


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