Bernice Scheduled her COVID-19 Vaccination Thanks to Information She Learned in Her CA GetSetUp Vaccine Info Session

Feb 17, 2021
Bernice takes a moment to celebrate receiving her first vaccine for COVID-19. 

Bernice is a retired teacher. She spent her free time, before COVID-19, between New York City and Santa Monica.

I’m not upset about staying home and Zooming. The good news is that no driving, parking, or traffic is involved. The world is coming to my brown couch, now dented, and old. “

Even though she is exploring the world from her couch, she was eager to get her vaccine. She plans to visit her friends in NYC where she hasn’t been in months as soon as possible.

Up until last week, she didn’t have an appointment. She had been looking all over for one in California, with no luck.  So she signed up for California: Where and How to find Vaccine-related information class.

“There was a lot of good helpful information in the class. I was able to hand that information off to my daughter-in-law, who was able to secure an appointment for me. One week later I had the first dose of the vaccine at the Rite Aid next to the apartment.”

Bernice thought she had been on all the sites for the vaccine prior to the information session. However,  local insights from other community members helped her to get new information. Now she’s just waiting for her second shot to be able to travel to NYC to visit her friends.

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Shared Community Between New York and California

Bernice first heard about GetSetUp from her friend Wendl, who is a GetSetUp Ambassador,  in NYC.  Wendl also runs a Community as Family group that Bernice was a part of when she lived in Manhattan. The two stay in touch and Wendl strongly recommended GetSetUp so Bernice gave it a try.

“I think GetSetUp is the best thing since chopped liver. I absolutely love the fact that it’s live. I can ask questions and it’s interactive.”

Bernice isn’t new to taking classes online. In fact, she’s been taking classes at Emeritus, the senior college in Santa Monica, for quite some time. However, her first Zoom class on GetSetUp was inspiring.

“In some ways, it was a life-changing moment. I’ve taken several classes on Zoom, at times I would use the pull-down menu at the top of the square called hide self-view thinking it means I can’t be seen. With that thought in mind, I adjusted my bra straps, ate lunch, exercised, and did other daily activities that are familiar to anyone that thinks she can’t be seen. It wasn’t until I took the GetSetUp Zoom class that I learned that is not what hide self-view means!”

Learning that hide self-view only means that she can’t see herself, but others can still see her definitely changed how she took and participated in her next classes. It also helped explain how the teacher in her college course had seen her and called on her one day. She had wondered how that was possible, back when she thought she was invisible. Now she’s sharing this insight with others to save them some social classroom faux pas.

“I have been telling all my friends about GetSetUp because I think it's amazing. The instructors are phenomenal - all so knowledgeable and so patient.”

Classes though are more than just listening. Participation and community are really what sets GetSetUp apart from other online classes.

“I just love the fact that the GetSetUp classes are live. Now I can stay on the screen and know I’m on it. Because of this pandemic seniors don’t get out much and this is bringing the world to me.  It means so much to me as it’s another way to connecting. If I go on Youtube to learn something I can’t ask a question. I have to watch it over and over and take notes. GetSetUp sends me the notes and information after the class. Now they even helped me get notes with links that lead to my COVID-19 vaccine appointment!”

Now that Bernice knows when she is appearing on the screen and when she is not, she can enjoy virtual classes even more.

She is planning a more advanced GetSetUp Zoom class here soon. Plus, she knows she can count on GetSetUp classes to start and end on time, send her the notes, and give her invaluable insights!

Why not join her in learning a bit more about over 175 different topics?

See where GetSetUp can take you!

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