GetSetUp is here to Support Teachers in the Back to School Digital World

Life-Long Learning Jul 22, 2020

The global pandemic has changed the way education has to be thought about in a variety of factors from equity, to resources, classroom teaching methods, and healthcare.

As teachers and school districts look toward an uncertain future of digital education, in-person classes, or a hybrid combination of the two in order to assure the health and safety of the school community one thing is for certain — training is essential.

Schools need to provide Professional Learning opportunities for teachers to ensure they cannot only teach online but learn how to use diverse tools and technology. These essential online tools make classes engaging and customizable to students who may have widely varying degrees of access to technology and the internet.

Not all Professional Development is Equal

GetSetUp is the largest education platform for older adults to learn from peers. When COVID-19 first hit and shut down schools we rushed to assist teachers, since our Guides already taught digitally in virtual classrooms they were the perfect fit to help teachers learn digital tools quickly. In those initial months, we hosted over 600 hours and 1,230 live sessions to bring teachers up to speed on basic digital classroom teaching software.

Now we are ready to offer even more classes, and partner with educational institutions to create customized bundles of classes to meet their school needs. We want to ensure teachers have the tools they need to SUCCEED.

Here are some of the classes we have been offering

GetSetUp is here to Support Teachers Going Back in the Fall

GetSetUp though is ready to help cut down on some of the extra time teachers need to spend finding, learning, and understanding technology even before they can apply it to their content. With a variety of classes based around Google Classroom and other free tools, GetSetUp is ready to partner with school districts to bundle customized classes to meet the needs of each educational institution.

How Can We Help?

  1. Customized classes based upon the resources schools have access to and play to use (or on free tools they can integrate).
  2. Customized training for teachers can include different levels to meet different technology needs.
  3. Teachers learn ‘by using’ the tool in live sessions.
  4. Teachers get their questions answered based on the specific device and technology they have available to them.

It’s no secret that different teachers have different resources available to both themselves and their students. GetSetUp is here to help teachers and schools assure the success of their students in the digital world. We have a whole area of classes dedicated to remote learning tools to help teachers, and more coming on the way.

Our Co-Founder Lawrence Kosick is eager to speak with your educational intuition about creating a partnership with your school to ensure professional learning opportunities for your teachers. Please contact him to set up a meeting at

We look forward to seeing you in a virtual GetSetUp classroom soon!


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