April is Stress Awareness Month

Explore creative ways to relieve stress that are healthy, gratifying, and fun.

Let's face it: A lot is going on in the world right now. You are normal for feeling stressed out. But you don't have to deal with it alone! April is Stress Awareness Month, and we have classes to help you de-stress in ways that might surprise you.

We all cope with stress and anxiety in different ways. Now is your chance to explore lowering your stress through creative pursuits. Here are three ways to unwind this month (and beyond):

Journaling for Mindfulness

Man journling.

Did you know that a daily practice of mindful journaling can improve health, wellness, and productivity? There are many forms of journaling, including using mixed media, expressing gratitude, and stream of consciousness. But, there are no rules - journaling is about expressing yourself in your own unique way. And, you're sure to find the method of expression that's right for you. Or mix it up depending on how you're feeling on a particular day.

In this class, led by Kristine Kero explore journaling for mindfulness, its benefits, and tips for getting started. You'll be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded people. Discover how taking time to write down your thoughts daily can help with relaxation.

Poetry, Prose, and Meditation

Man reading poetry.

Poetry and meditation provide opportunities to be present in the moment with your feelings, thoughts, and sensations. According to one study, poetry can help reduce stress and combat loneliness.

Jeanine M., who holds a graduate certificate in applied mindfulness, leads this class and has first-hand experience overcoming stress. Several years ago, chronic stress and life-long trauma took a serious toll on her health. Her doctor urged her to find new ways to cope. The practice of mindfulness and meditation led her to see the world and herself differently.

Explore a new way to get in touch with your feelings—experience poetry through the lens of meditation.

Coping with Stress Using Music and Movement

Lady dancing.

When the body feels good, the mind does too. Dance helps you channel energy in a positive way, release endorphins, and, best of all, it's fun.

Shirley, a retired nurse who worked in the mental health field, teaches this class. Because she had difficulty learning to dance, she developed a non-intimidating teaching method - DWIC - Do What I Can. She believes that dance can help with all kinds of health problems, including stress and anxiety. A recent study found that dance reduced anxiety and depression and improved cognitive abilities in older adults.

In this class, Shirley will help you understand different kinds of stress, its symptoms, and how music and movement can help.

Your mind and body deserve the best possible care. Check out the complete list of classes in the Stress Awareness Month Series, including yoga, meditation, self-care, and more. Get ready for the stress to melt away!

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