Anita Is Leading Learning With GetSetUp In India

Nov 13, 2020

Anita Rogers joined the recently budding GetSetUp team as a Guide Community Manager. She was a merchandiser of garments to stores like H&M and Levi's. After completing her graduation in English Literature, she did a short training in hospitality with a luxury hotel. From there she eventually moved on to facility management and currently is working as a deputy manager Admin for an MNC. With extra time at hand she took up a number of other hats. From teaching English online to growing her own service project.

Since she has been passionate about social service that helps orphanages and old age homes, she decided to combine her knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry.

She collects hotel linens that would be discarded and takes them to the needy in her non-profit HUG (Help Us Give). Furthermore, she works as a volunteer for a suicide distress helpline, where trained volunteers help reassure those who call in seeking help.

Anita first heard about GetSetUp from her daughter, who had worked for the Co-Founder of GetSetUp Neil Dsouza, who had also founded Teach A Class later known as Zaya Learning Labs.

“I said hey I can try it out since I’m sitting and doing nothing. I went to check out the website and thought I’m getting everything I want here!”  

Initially thinking she was just checking out a site for her daughter’s ex-boss she was surprised by how much it resonated with her.

“GetSetUp is just in line with my passion and the moment I saw the website I thought this is exactly where I am supposed to be. I love the concept and what they are doing. It is just fantastic, very different, very innovative, and it makes me think and come up with new creative ideas.”

Anita is enjoying the fact that she is learning so much both as a learner and working with GetSetUp.

“I love that I get to do so many things. Today I’m taking a class on Mona Lisa, the painting, to discover why she is hogging the limelight compared to other art. It’s so much fun, and I'm loving it.”

India Is Ready For GetSetUp’s Virtual Community For Older Adults

Anita sees that GetSetUp has a niche in India. She thinks that this is a tool that is essential to spread the word about.

“GetSetUp is very important because I worked in oldie homes and I know how lonely they can get. Most of my friends are pretty old and one is 94 and she is my best friend. I  know how lonely it can get since most of their friends have passed on or they can’t really meet up. They would love something like this! It is a boon and godsend it can keep them entertained and in touch with people! I see it as a fantastic idea, the best thing that can happen to them.”
Anita attends a class hosted by Guide Binda on storytelling. 

GetSetUp isn’t just about connecting people it is really about creating a community for older adults.

“What I like even more is that the teachers are older so the learners can relate to them. Plus it really works! I have seen Marv and other Guides how patient they are so everyone is nice and can absolutely relate.”

Learning Through Personal Growth

Learning isn’t just about learning content for Anita. She was used to a corporate set up with everything ready made. Here she gets to learn as she goes skills that require adaptability, creativity, and patience.

“It is like I've never worked 15 years and now I’m here learning so much. It is very interesting and something I've always wanted to do.”  

One unpredictable thing that Anita has learned was how to slow down.

“I talk so fast and suddenly I had to slow down and learn to speak slowly. This is so different from what I am used to and my personality. But learning to slow down is the best thing to happen to me! It made me feel more confident and made me feel in control. I like the thought of slowing down - it teaches me patience.”

Overall Anita can sum up her current era of life with the expression,

“Growing old seems fun with so much happening after 60!”

Join Anita and other older adult learnings at GetSetUp for a fun and engaging community of lifelong learners. Start with a New Member Orientation - India then join a popular class like  Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga, Guided Chakra Meditation, or Art Hour : 10 Facts and Myths about the Mona Lisa. We look forward to seeing you in a GetSetUp class soon!


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