112 Learners Have Already Completed The Learning Challenge! - Will You Join Them?

GetSetUp News Jan 20, 2021

GetSetUp launched the new year calling on its community to move into the #NewYearNewMe by taking on the Learning Challenge 2021.

GetSetUp's Learning Challenge encouraged our community to engage their minds, explore new concepts, and help others!

To complete the challenge, learners take 10 classes/month. There is no need to sign up anywhere for the challenge. Once you start taking classes each month you are automatically enrolled! The GetSetUp team will track the number of classes each learner attends. All classes count toward the challenge!

For each person who completes the challenge in January, GetSetUp will donate $10 to the Boys & Girls Club of America. This organization strives to enable youth to reach their full potential.

Mid-Month Learning Challenge Results

Already with just 20 days down and still another 11 to go, we have had 112 learners accomplish the challenge!

That means $1,120 dollars has been raised already for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Another 311 learners have taken 5 classes or more and are one step closer to completing the challenge. These learners are just a few classes away from adding to the growing donation!

Everyone who has hit the goal will be sent an email notifying them of their accomplishment! Those who are close to accomplishing the learning challenge with 5 or more classes in January will also get an email.

Learners Who Have Taken The Most Classes In January

Join the challenge today and start taking GetSetUp classes that interest you.

To see some of our favorites just click the link below:

Learning Challenge 2021

Learning Challenge 2021


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